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... something horrible might happen to you like something horrible happened to me today. fancy black laptop was running great. popped the lid back expecting it come out of stand-by mode like it always does. pleasant wallpaper image appeared, but then melted away into a solid screen on white.

apparently the motherboard (or at least that's what the technician thinks) is done for. if its the HD, i don't know what i'm going to do. jump off a bridge i suppose. i haven't backed up a single file yet .. 2 mos. of lecture notes, case briefs, etc. - if its law school related it's on that laptop ...

don't be a victim like me.

back up your files. this isn't funny.

i thought that the restatements were at best marginal primary authorities and generally considered to be good secondary authorities ...

my K professor treats them as absolute law. we read cases and come to class only to hear the logic that was applied in the particular cases be completely abandoned in favor of the strict language of the restatement

it's starting to drive me crazy as this practice is more or less the complete polar opposite of what we've learned / seen in other classes

but whatever - is this standard practice for a K professor?

i don't think i'm going to crim today

no way to get cases briefed in time d**mn memo d**mn west law training d**mn 8 million things that i have to do (such as this ever so important task)

Current Law Students / whoa who knew but law school is ....
« on: September 14, 2005, 06:38:36 PM »
actually kinda hard

i mean not conceptually - but time wise, ouch

i'm routinely going from 8 am to 12am everyday

and the socratic method - i suppose in one capacity or another it has some sort of educational merit but really what's the value in relating all the various arguments and facts back to the professor only to have him catch you out some idiosyncratic nuance (that happens to be more or less irrelevant to the doctrine that you're discussing) in front of 150 of your peers?

i feel as if i generally take five or so lines of notes per class

is 1L a right of passage type of thing or what? am i running the "gauntlet"? is this the crucible? i'm assuming that 2L might be a little different ... ?

Current Law Students / Biotech Intellectual Property Law
« on: March 26, 2005, 08:33:37 AM »


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