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Anyone else still waiting for schools?? I'm waiting for Duquesne, John Marshall-chicago, Nova Southeastern, St. Thomas, Barry and Florida Coastal School of law. Have any of you had these schools request reports for  you, or are still waiting? Anyone still waiting on any other schools?

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« on: October 25, 2005, 08:51:20 PM »
"burpee" yea i found ya, kool name, what nationality is it???

I have a pretty exciting personal statement that I am working on, following the advice I have found both on this board and also in Anna Ivey's book. It is more of a narrative and I decided to leave off the trite and that is why I want to go to law school, and that is why I wan't to attend school X. But now that I am looking at some of the school websites, it seems like this type of thing is what they want.

For instance, Stetson's directions are:

The Personal Statement should address your aspirations to study law, why you chose to apply to Stetson, and any information you feel members of the Admissions Committee should consider. A concise, two- to three-page typed format or electronic attachment is preferred. Please put your name and identification number at the top of each page. Transfer applicants should indicate their reasons for wanting to transfer from your current law school.

What have some others done. Stuck to old format as above for some schools and then kept the attention grabber type essay for other schools. Please help.

I applied to Stetson also. I used my regualar essay, but twicked it to fit their needs.

Personal Statement / Re: could anyone critique my near final PS?
« on: October 25, 2005, 08:38:45 PM »

Wow that was an interesting PS. I am glad you turned your self around. I too got into trouble a DUI 3 years ago. I am extremely intested in how you do. What school you get into to. Let me know and good luck.

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« on: October 25, 2005, 07:55:41 PM »               Add me if you want, I think it would be kool to know some people that will be going to law school with me before we get there. To get a head of the rest. I still think Facebook is a little corny, but then again aren't we all?!

I can't find you!

I went to West Chester University my name is Christopher Bagnato you should be able to find me.   

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« on: October 25, 2005, 06:45:22 PM »
how about "how gay is this shirt"

wha? it's funny.

               I agree!!

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« on: October 25, 2005, 06:08:14 PM »
I use facebook, It is the exact same pic of me on it as on LSD. I graduated too and am still able to use my old school email.

latinlord , Your undergrad activities make a stellar list:)! I thought I did a lot in college! With your GPA and your activities, I don't see why the ad comms wouldn't admit you.

If things don't work out I'd recommend a retake, with a test-prep company. You might also want to eliminate as many distractions as you could during that period. Even if you decide to go for a master's, you would still would have to take it again because the prospects

As for Florida Coastal, I just read the application, and it only requires two recommendations (thankfully). It is also possible for you to get into Florida Coastal; the "cutoff point" of 145 doesn't apply for those who have sup-3.0 (above 3.0) averages. For them, the "cut-off point is 140. They key for those in the "possible" ranges (including myself) is

I'll add two to your list that I did not see previously:

With your numbers, St. John's in New York is a possibility.

Appalachian in Virginia is also a possibility.
In Virginia, if you decide to go into government/public sctor work, your tuition debt could be written off. (I know this to be accurate because I was reading an article on JAG's from either the University of Virginia or Regent and it specifically metioned the state law.)

I'll elaborate more on your schools on the list. I have to go and get an application done right now.

hasta la próxima...

Ohhhh you know what!! I mixed up florida costal with Florida international.  wow there are a lot of schools in florida. Also do you know if they average scores? yea i was also thinking about Appalachian. I will look at that application, but thanks. good luck on your app!

You will have the toughest time with Michigan, Berkley and Duke. (though your numbers still prove to be admits) THe rest you shouldn't have much trouble.I wish I had your numbers!! Your list was easy, not try my long as list, (if you dare)

Wow thanks!! i'll look into those schools especially the one in NY! Good luck on your apps!

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