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Current Law Students / Re: property checklist/flow charts?
« on: May 04, 2008, 10:05:14 AM »
   It is a decent site.. It may help you out!! What school do you attend?? Buenas suerte!! Easements and Covenents are a female dog!! I hate property...
   As For flow charts the best are from Crunchtime seres by aspen...

Current Law Students / Re: The beginning of the end of 1L
« on: May 04, 2008, 08:24:58 AM »
ughh... I had two years of being a 1L since I was an evening student... So I just finished my 1L classes AND obtained enough credits with other classes to be finished 2L. So in a weird way... I finished 1L and 2L the same year... haha
  This year I had to take Crim law, Property and Contracts, last year I took Torts, civ pro and con law.. haha my 2L classes were Family law, evidence, PR alsong with some other classes that are pour electives.

CAN't wait to finish up on tuesday.

yea definitely first poster is right.. I'd say that if  you want to work in philly or pitt go to the school in the respected region.. That is very important.. trust me i know... I'm from philly and go to school in Indiana. I had to nework my ass for my summer job back home in philly. Next year I plan on "hopefully" visiting a law school there just so I can network more and work in the area that is my home..
   Good luck though.. they are both good schools. - Ciao

Current Law Students / Re: Taking notes in law school
« on: May 04, 2008, 12:38:14 AM »
Word... haha although even better is finding another person's class notes for the previous semester and adding your notes to it. haha
  Less work for you a lot of professors... especially the ones who use powerpoint, use the same powerpoint slides each semester... ugh.. haha one semester in a class i litterally just sat there and could tell the future of what was comming up...
   Just a little trick of the trade... oh and btw.. i still did really well in the class, it gave me time to study and learn the material instead of rushing to take notes... seek and  you shall find.. I alwasy say.. haha

I'm a big fan of earplugs.


I typed all my briefs and memos to TRANCE and TECHNO, It makes me type faster and gets my mind working quicker!! haha I'm an adrenaline junky...
  I listen to spa music on Sirius Sat radio during studying every once in a while.

Current Law Students / Re: outlining/class reading
« on: April 27, 2008, 04:26:17 PM »
 Why don't you all outline while you read and while you are in class. My notes are compiled in to a huge outline. I do them both at the same time... If I had to go back and try to re-outline i'd go insane...
   If your not good at outlining find someone who is.. and get their outline or a past outline, here is a site that may help ya... haha  good luck everyone.. I got 5 finals this semester..

Current Law Students / Re: Ridiculous Exam schedule!!
« on: April 27, 2008, 04:20:57 PM »
I'm a 2L and had to get these freaking required out of the way, and they only offered certain ones at certian times... I have 5 exams also..
   Had one on Friday Contracts II, Then Tomorrow Crim Law (Monday, then Wednesday Property II, then Friday again Professional Responsibility, then Tuesday Evidence.... And I took another litigation course for 3 more credits... luckily the final Trial was over 2 weeks ago.. Yep 18 law school credits.. It wasn't that bad till the 5 exams came, but this next week is torture...
  Any insight on how to handle this.. would be nice.
         ughhhhhhhhhh i'm reading crim law now... it is a freaking marathon I tell ya!! Try this it helps... .haha     

Transferring / Re: Visiting Semester
« on: April 27, 2008, 11:49:39 AM »
Ehh, you can visit for whatever reason you want.  I think checking out a different location is a great reason to visit a law school.  I also think that instate tuition is a great reason to go as well.

Also, if you go to a decent national school, you dont have to move to make connections, but you can just go to regional recruiting programs.

I dont get your comments about the bar.  Decent schools dont teach you to prep for the bar, so I really dont get the relevance of that statement.

That said, I nixed the idea of being a visiting student.  Im too settled down at this point.

 When I meant bar classes... I'll use PA as an example with IN... PA law schools have courses that are more apparent on the PA bar, like conflict of law, dui law (neither of which are offered at my Indiana school), PA practice going over PA civil jurisdiction.Also certian school teach their courses either more or less in dep when their state has courses more aparent on the bar. For example IN has a large portion of its bar on Tax, whereas in PA, it isn't tested as much. Tax at my school is 4 credits and the exam is 8hours, they do that to make sure you know what will be tested on the bar.
    When you take the bar, there are multiple parts... the multistate which any and all law schools can teach you since they are the same for each jurisdiction, but then there are other parts of the bar exam like MPT or MBE.. which is essay part that includes courses and issues specificly geered toward your state. PA doesn't have the MPT Indiana does, but PA has its own essay portion.... Sure I heard that you could learn the PA parts or most of them from Barbri or another prep course, but it also my be more beneficial to take classes in a state geered toward your bar, and to go to a school where the majority of the students are taking that State's bar and so the school caters to the majority of students. In my Indiana law school, I am learning a lot of INdiana law.. my crim law class was especially tested on it... learning the differences b/t Indiana law and MPC.. etc... Just explaining my point a bit more. 
   Good luck your final year next year! I'm so happy that i'm almost done "whereever i'll be next year jaaj" !! THis semester is torture...  :o

Transferring / Re: Visiting Semester
« on: April 27, 2008, 09:42:30 AM »
Considered visiting at peperdine or w&m, the first for the location, the second for the instate tuition.  I probably wont do it though because there really isnt a good time to do it.  My lease is a year and doesnt allow subletting, plus it would be a pain to move all my stuff for a semester/year then have to move back after school is done.  I think the better option is to clerk in a state if you wish to experience the location.  Most firms give relocation bonuses, so you can take the bar, move when you finish the bar, then have the firm cover moving back. 

Your not supposed to go to visit a place just to visit (although it is called that) You should go there in situations where you are far from the place where you want to practice and will move there anyway... And it could only benefit you to go there and start looking for jobs, network, learn courses that are on your bar, become aclemented in the area... and if you are already from the state to possibily get cheaper tuition...
  That is the reason to visit, it would be a pain to go to another school and actually visit there and move back... not much point to it either.
    2 other people in my class are visiting. 1 for her husband who got a job in AZ the other wants to practice in another state and is moving with his wife to FL.
     I'm an east coaster, found a job on the east coast, my BAR is a lot different than the bar ofthe state where my school is at, and i would pay less. Seem practical

Current Law Students / Re: MPRE EXAM THIS SATURDAY!
« on: April 27, 2008, 08:04:40 AM »
In what sence? my try is nice?

  Scores came back a couple of weeks ago.... How did you do?? Hopefully you passed!!
    FYI..I passed!! Good luck!

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