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Transferring / Re: Transfer Repercussions
« on: March 01, 2009, 09:21:01 PM »
I just tried to get my transfer certification today from my school, but before they release it, I have to meet with the Dean to talk about my transferring. :-(

I really hope there are no repercussions from this. We are in the midst of on-campus OCIs right now and I have interviews through the school scheduled already. I'm trying to transfer to a top-14 school because I want to be a professor (in the long run). It's going to be an awkward meeting with the dean, that's for sure.

 I heard that students here at Villanova had to meet with the dean if they tried to transfer... crazy... it is your education.. why make it a hassel and uncomfortable!

Transferring / Re: Visiting Student Question
« on: March 01, 2009, 09:14:44 PM »
i'm currently a visiting student... email me if you got questions...

You can apply for any reason... going to an area to work is fine for the schools that you apply to.. They do not care... The ivy league ones usually will not take you unless your at a similarly ranked school...

I got into temple, villanova and widener.. I'm at villanova b/c it is closest to my house... Penn rejected me... kinda glad they did b/c i would feel forced to go and pay the extra 10K.

Your home school may be tough though... some schools don't like it when their students visit b/c they are losing money. So they say you have to have a hardship... each school is different... my school in indiana used to be fine, but starting next year they are making it harder for students to visit.. you have to prove hardship like sick relative...etc...

But the Host schools really don't care.. they like the extra cash without the burden of giving you a degree. Still apply where  you want b/c for all intense purposes you are a student there... I got interviews easier from the career simplicity system at villanova... so prospects went up for me b/c I was finally in the area I wanted to work.. It is worth it! Good luck!

PS: Visiting is kinda fun too, you meet new people and get to see how things are at other law schools and compare... Plus you get to be where you want which is always good!

Transferring / Re: top 10-15% at Drexel to...
« on: March 01, 2009, 09:08:00 PM »
honestly drexel's4 quarter system may stop students from even being able to transfer?! They may lose too many credits and or some schools may not even consider him b/c he is at a provisionally accredited school... I have no idea... but hey.. anything is worth a shot... Since drexel isn't ranked schools may not know where to place him... But who cares... APPLY ANYWAY.. worst case senario is he doesn't get in and stays at drexel toward the top of the class... Tell him to apply whereever he wants!

Transferring / Re: Is it worth transferring?
« on: March 01, 2009, 09:04:49 PM »
YES!!! go to YALE or Harvard! 100 times worth it!!

Granted, but it will be my third time taking the LSAT. <12/08(145) 09/07(138)> Is the option of transferring that minuscule to consider? I succumbed to a low SAT score as well, so it would be safe to say I am not the best at standardized tests.

Let's talk about reality here.  If you are a bad standardized test taker and you barely got into a university, that's fine.  As long as you graduate.  That's not the case with law.  At the end of three years and $$$$ in debt, you have another standardized test, the bar exam. Keep in mind that a big chunch of the top students from Nova and Cooley fell this exam.  Keep in mind that a big percentage of entering class at these schools do not end up graduating and the ones that do, a big chunk of them do not pass the bar exam. 

There are only 4 law schools in Florida that are worth considering and we all know those 4.  You should seriously consider taking the LSAT again and applying to cheaper Tier 3 public schools else where, where you can get in-state tution after the first year.  Nova, Florida Coasta, and Cooley definitely are not worth their price tags.  Can you imagine spending 3 years of your life along with 3 years accumulated debts (tuition, books, cost of living) and not passing the bar or passing the bar and not able to find a job due to competition from graduates of much better schools. 

First off I was wrong in saying that Cooley has 40 transfer out... way wrong... just checked last year they 185 people transfer out!! 185!!

Next Mathesis is completely right!! Listen to him!

Also FYI... if your so worried about the bar exam... apply to a wisconson school and move there... students don't have to take their bar if they go to a school in the state, then after a couple of years you can waive into other states... Just FYI!! haha

Also... the bar exam is standardized for 1day... b/c it is multiple choice.. BUT not like the LSAT... you learn the material that is on it for the past 3 years, then you have a bar review course to help you out AND also the next day of exams are NOT standardized but Essay and in some states like Pennsylvania the essay day is worth more than the standardized test day! Also you only have to pass whereas in the LSAT you are graded on in relation to your peers.
  I haven't taken the bar yet.. but I took the MPRE which is a multiple choice exam that is standardized.. I studied the material and rocked it.. it gave me the confidence that I can do something right if I try.
  If you do fail the bar retake it.. But even for cooley grads over half who take the bar pass.. .I think their rate is about 70%... that is 70 out of 100 so why can't you be part of that 70? Going to cooley or florida costal is NOt a death sentance so don't treat it like it is. It is just a beginning, sure it may be a path different than most want to take.. but hey sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! I didn't want to move to Indiana and stay there for 2 years.. although it is an incredible school! I would have gladly moved to Michigan and played socratic method at Cooley too. If I wasn't at Indiana, i would have gone to florida.. Not florida coastal though.. They didn't accept me!!.. but Nova South eastern did and FAMU and perhaps St. Thomas in Miami... I probibly would have liked the weather better there. But then the next year i would apply to transfer and leave, if that didn't work out the way i wanted, then the next year I would apply to visit a school for my final year like I am this year. Either way... i would be right where I am now, graduating and taking both the PA and NJ bar exams... you know why?? B/c all of them ARE accredited law schools and that allows me to sit for ANY bar in the country. I would have still worked at the DA's office, and I would have still applied and "hopefully" gotten into Temple law for an ll.m. since they like my litigation experience at the DA's office.

My route was not my first choice BUT I am still thankful for it and for the great opportunites and times I had in Indiana.. I met some of the best people I have ever met in my life and built life long friendships with people there and some of them moved to the east coast so now I can help them out!! It is all about Networking!!
   Cooley grads.... since it is the largest law school in the country are all OVER the country.

Do what you want.. don't give up b/c then you won't have the opportunity to say you "tried".

Good luck! Keep me posted on your endevors!!

hey congrats on that! Your going to be in law school as long as me now. I'm done this semster, got the JD and the LLM/MLS and I'm out of here.

THANKS!!! Yea it looks that way! haha luckily the program is during the evenings and 1weekend a month for the year except for a summer boot camp that is like 2weeks long (they organize their program like an army bootcamp/reserve program HAHa) ... The bootcamp will be over by June so I can spend the whole month of July craming for the july bar exams PA/NJ... This summer is going to be stressfully exciting. haha

I remember you getting your MLS/LLM degree BEFORE getting your J.D... That is awesome... BTW!! I HATE YOUR BRONCOS FOR STEALING AWAY BOTH DAWKINS AND BUCKHOLDER!! ESPECIALLY DAWKINS!! haha J/k i'm really angry at the Eagles administration! I'm purchasing a Broncos jersey this year first one ever... for DAWKINS! Philly is going to miss him!!

Law School Admissions / Re: Philadelphia area
« on: March 01, 2009, 10:09:24 AM »
I personally think Drexel will be pretty good when it finally gets ranked. They are pretty selective with the students they admit.

But like the other posters... Come to either Temple or Villanova...

Apply to penn too... just b/c you never know! haha

Drexel and Widener should give you a full or close to full scholarship. So if $$ is an issue, then those schools will hook you up.

Temple has instate tuition which is nice!

Villanova is a nice school... well known for its tax program
Temple is known for trial advocacy.

Both schools are good.. you may also want to consider if you want to live in the city or suburb... aka Villanova is closer to my house that is why i'm visiting there this year. Temple i'll be at in a couple of months though.

Either way... philly has tons of law schools so pick and choose, pick and choose.. haha
  You also have Rutgers Camden.. across the bridge just incase your interested... - ciao

Law School Admissions / Re: Am I accepted?
« on: March 01, 2009, 10:04:48 AM »
now that is a nice way to start the day!! Congrats!!

Pursuing an LLM / Re: Where to go for Tax LLM (Not NYU, UF, GT)
« on: March 01, 2009, 09:36:58 AM »
Miami is really the best tax llm program?? huh.. surprising! I know Villanova has a great program, and the tax professors here are great! I took into to tax here and did well. My professor was hilarious!

Temple would be a great bet b/c i'm sure it is the cheapest out of all of them... Not sure if they have a cheaper price if your instate.. I know the llm in trial advocacy has a set price whether instate or out of state.

If you want to stay and Philly (and who wouldn't?....Oh except for all the eagles players that just left us this week!) haha go to Temple or Nova...

Does anyone know anyone who did this program? I know it is an incredible program (it is the only one of its kind in the country). I can't wait to start it this May!! I'm just curious if anyone else has any information on the program that I haven't already heard.

Thanks for you time and consideration.

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