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Law School Applications / How binding is a Law school early disicion?!!
« on: October 07, 2005, 03:03:43 PM »
Hofstra U says in their application for early dicision that If I am accepted I MUST attend their school and cancel any other pending applications. Hofstra is a good school and I definately would go there, but It isn't my first, second, or even their choice, if I got admitted at any of the other schools I like more, i would rather go there. But I think early dicision would better my chances of getting into a law school. Seriously what could happen if I decide not to go??!! What could I get sued?, go to jail?? I don't understand how they can just MAKE ME go to their school. Sure I would, but not if I got into another I liked more. ANY thoughts on the subject?? I'm sure i'm not the only one thinking about the same thing. Thanks

Law School Applications / Full time or Part time???!!
« on: October 04, 2005, 05:23:39 PM »
I heard that I have a better chance of applying for part time to schools. Can I do both, that is, if I don't get into one, hopefully have a chance to get into the other?? Can I just write and addendum asking for them to consider me part time if I don't get in full time?? I would rather go full time, but as I have heard it may be better to just try part time. I don't want to take a chance and apply only for part time, when I could have gotten in for full time, I just wouldn't have a chance to know. What can I do?? Thanks!

I was just wondering if anyone can share to give some advice for what to put on an addendum for explaining a previous low LSAT. I mean is just saying, "I was extremely sick that day" a viable explaination?? I really don't think so, although it could be valid and true, it just sounds weak. Any thoughts would be helpful both to me, and anyone else in my situation. Thanks

I already know (I called my laywer) I must disclose my criminal background to the law school even though my record was expunged. I was 19 when I got a DUI, I never was convicted, nor pleaded any guilt, and the record was expunged. What my question is, is do you think I should appologize for my actions, when in a legal sense I was never found guilty nor convicted. Or should I just explain the facts of the case. Her is the copy of the disclosure addendum that I will write. What I want you guys to tell me is if I should or should NOT include the last sentance where I try to assume guilt. Even though right above it, in the facts of the case, I never gave admittance of guilt.  Thanks for your imput.

Disclosure Addendum

On July 29th 2002 at the age of 19, I was arrested of drinking and driving. I was not convicted, I went on probation without any admittance of guilt, charges were dismissed and the arrest was completely expunged from my record. In good faith of true disclosure I felt it necessary to provide this information. I truly recognize how big a mistake it was and subsequently became a large advocate against drinking and driving. 

Thank you,

Well yep that was me!! ( I just found this forum today) I was that guy, the guy who you never want to be! I got 11 denial letters all through out a 9month period. My depression has grown more and more. I graduated from my undergrad this year WCU magna cum laude Spanish major. (you would think it means anything). Well I am hoping that this time the lack of extra summer classes I was taking at the same time of my LSAT helps me do better. AT the time I was bombarded with regular summer classes and a Kaplan course that I felt rushed in anyway. I took the June 04 exam and bombed it (135), I had no idea it was worth as much as it has been. I thought my GPA would keep me afloat and get me into at least 1 of the schools I sent applications to. I think I sent applications to school that were just too high up for me, hoping that by some god they would see past the one LSAT number and look more into me.
  Well I decided to finish up the year and get a tutor from Kaplan to help me study for the October test. This time I won't be applying to any real extreme schools. Only the ones near my home, which sadly has basically all high ranking schools. I live in PA, so Villanova, temple, Penn, Dickenson, Rutgers, Maryland, etc. are all near me and I can't get into one. I will reapply to Villanova b/c they don't average the LSAT and Widner too because they are a 4th tier school. But mainly i'm looking for something, anything that I could get into.  My search has led me all throughout the country to a North Carolina school, Texas school, Florida, Louisiana etc. If any of you guys have any clue of any schools that I might have a chance of getting into that would help. I just hope that my new LSAt score isn't anything close to what I got before. But as of right now i'm just studying as much as I can to get my LSAt up and the have the older one be only a distant memory. I wish I had half the luck of so many of you all, I see people getting into awesome schools, I wish I could have that. But hey, sometimes life just isn't fair. But hey, maybe I can be a success story too. 

Thanks for listening I know it was long, I just needed someone to hear about my struggles. Ones that are basically a lot worse than yours, but if anyone out there has the same as me. Please do tell, letting it out helps.

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