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This would make it easier to find the board. Thanks

Any reviews on it?? Just curious, I decided to buy it. I thought it was kinda kool that someone make a DVD like that. Has anyone seen it?? Is it credible?? I probibly won't take much of what is said to heart, but hey it is definitely something interesting to look at.  ;D

So far this is the school i'm going to. I was just wondering if anyone else is planning on attending or even might strongly concider it. Maybe we can all get together and get to know eachother and try to find out information about the school like where we can live and how we are going to move there and help each other out with the transition. I actually haven't heard too much about the school, but the with the amount of research on it I have done thus far, there really hasn't been too much negativity about the school. (except for its drop in rankings from last year 65 to 95). Maybe we can start an IUPUI School thread!!  ;D :D

I am already starting to prepare on how the heck i'm going to bring all my stuff to indiana university- Indianapolis. Does anyone have any kind of suggestions for moving to a school decently far away?? Indianapolis is like a 10drive from me!! I was thinking about renting a truck, but probibly will just bring the bar minimum and then buy new stuff while i'm there. What is everyone else going to do that may have to move far away?? I am visiting the school on March 25th. I'v already looked up plane tickets. It is only a 2hr flight from philly and about $250 a ticket. What i would like to do is just take a plane there when I start school and then just buy things while i'm there, but that might be more expensive than renting a truck or driving there with my father's trailblazer. I am also thinking whether I want my car while i'm at school, What is everyone else doing? I'v never left home like this to attend school??????  ??? ??? I could really use the good advice- Gracias

Someone please explain this to me. I have read a bit about it, but would still like some others imput on it. Gracias

Law School Applications / Anyone have reports requested from Duquesne??
« on: November 09, 2005, 01:19:01 PM »
Duquesne still hasn't requested reports from me, they told me they have recieved my application but have yet to request reports. Anyone else in the same situation with other schools?? or Duquesne?

Anyone else still waiting for schools?? I'm waiting for Duquesne, John Marshall-chicago, Nova Southeastern, St. Thomas, Barry and Florida Coastal School of law. Have any of you had these schools request reports for  you, or are still waiting? Anyone still waiting on any other schools?

23 different schools and counting!!! Additionals are welcome, also I would like to know the schools that I have the best chance.  all I know my numbers suck, so please don't put me down on them. I can't do anything about them now. I hate the LSAT!! Gracias

Que pasa all. Check out my lsn website and let me know if there are any other schools that I can have a decent shot at. Right now i'm up to 23 schools, can't tell you how much fun I had for the past 2 days filling out all those apps. Hopefully one or two will bite.  Thanks for the imput ;D and pleae no need for put downs.   

I just thought it would be informing to make of list of schools that only ask for convictions of felonys and misdemenors, for those like me that have made a regrettable mistake in their lives. (DUI - expunged). It could just be of some interest to certain individuals that:

NCCU only asks for convictions
Stetson says you can say no if you have it expunged, but will have to provide a copy of expungment.
Hofstra- expungment copy
FSU- expungment copy
Pittsburg- Expungment copy

See if anyone can make this list a little longer, while browsing through some applications.

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