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« on: July 10, 2007, 11:39:37 AM »
My roomate after hearing nothing finally got a letter yesterday from Cardozo Law school. They put them on the waitlist!! Then gave him the opportunity to let them know if he was interested in a PT Day Program. He ofcourse let them know that he was very interested in whatever program they wanted to put him in. The waitlist said that he may have to wait till Aug 27!! First day of classes or orientation.... He is moving into another town for law school, but i'm sure he would break the lease and leave if he had the opportuntiy to get into Cardozo b/c he ultimately wants to practice in NYC anyway...
  Does anyone have any info on the waitlist??? How many people there are?? How many people get in?? What are his chances?? They said the Waitlist is NOT ranked and that they reevaluate each application... Any info would be great thanks!!

My roomate applied there in February. It is late June and he has heard nothing!! Not even a waitlist although that is what I feel they have him on. Like one that they don't tell him about... grrr  >:(. Has anyelse had these problems?? Do they normally take till JULY?? Seriously what is their deal??  ??? ???

Any insights would be great!

Hey all!!

I got the newest edition of LEEWS Audio CD for sale. I bought it brand new and used it slightly. I barely opened the book, I didn't need to b/c the Audio CD's have you go through everything. There are some writings on the Dittos, but nothing that would prevent you from working with them. Also at least you know that all of the CD's work perfectly fine. I liked the program while I was doing it, I don't know really if it helped b/c I didn't take my first finals yet. I still think it was worth a try, it helps mostly with organizing your answer, whichi is one of the most important and hardest things you do while taking an exam.

I'm thinking about putting it up on Ebay, but want to give you guys first crack at it. email me at if interested. I'm taking best offer, a great way to save some cash!!

I know most of you all want to learn what it is like going to an ivy school, but i thought incase you don't have ivy school numbers like I didn't (my LSAT was horrible) you might want to learn what it is like going to a top 100 school and a school which is the center of attention in indianapolis, hhehe a little plug sorry. Anyway, if anyof you have any questions about law school in general, or my school. or the admission process, howwork, study tatics, or my personal experience (which was a very long,  tedious, and exciting journey. let me know. take care,  and good luck this cycle to all. It is an exciting time, one I actually miss abit  :) ;D

Hey this is a funny movie for you guys to check out especially the ones who are attend U of California - Davis. 
Its kinda long, but funny!!  ;D I'll post anymore funny stuff, if I find it.  :D

I got an idea from checking out the UMich pictures from a visit. I thought that I should make a thread to show pictures of our law school visits or for current students "of our law school". So that way everyone can check out the different schools. I'v never seen UMichigan until I saw the wonderful pictures posted by someone in a thread. Lets try and make this thread work, so when you go and visit a school for the firt time, bring a camera and take some pics then post it here. I know I sure would love to see pictures of all the different law schools. I'v only visited a couple different schools mostly in PA. Have are some pictures of the school i'm currently attending. (Indiana University- Indianapolis), Hopefully this will start a very interesting thread with some great pictures to check out!! :)

Just curious to see if there is anyone out there, that I haven't had the pleasure of taking with or meeting. I also would of course like to learn more about the school i'm currently attending and offer any answers or comments that I may answer about the school or city (to as much as i know being here for only about a month). I wanted to just see if anyone is around so I can get to know you all and see whats going on b/c even though the addmissions say that the class is full both part time and full time, I really don't see many IU-indy people on this board much. Take care and hope to hear comments from you all.  :D ;D

Check out what I saw selling on EBAY. This guys actually wanted to sell his law degree and showed that cancelled his membership from the NY and DC bar. CRAZY huh

General Off-Topic Board / Do you have a myspace site??
« on: April 25, 2006, 05:09:34 PM »
Hey I was thinking about my new corney fedish, which has recently been my website. Sometimes when I'm bored, i'll mess around on Myspace and check out some other peoples websites. Then I got to thinking why not include the people on LSD. Any of you u guys have myspace websites, and would like to share them??? Maybe we can talk about what we think about them and new funny things to add.  This is the place to put them and do it.
I'll start out..You can check it out by clicking on the globe under my pic/name or just going to             easy to remember huh, haha. WHAT? (i'v had that screen name since I was like 14!!)  ;D ;D

I was just wondering which people were making "The big move" I'll be going 650miles away about 10and a half hour car ride from Philly to Indianapolis. Maybe we can talk about why we are doing it, and how we are going to do it in this thread. I know i'm really nervous about living so far from my hometown. I'm sure other people are moving even further than me. Please do tell...  ;D

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