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Hey all, I'v heard back at a lot of firms so far, but also haven't heard any at a lot of firms. How should I approach this. I wanted to call, but froze at exactly what I should say. Should I say, "hello I sent you my resume for a summer associate possition a while back and haven't heard anything, would you like me to resend my resume?"
 I'm not really sure what to say.. Any suggestions? Thanks

Studying and Exam Taking / Property - Future estates
« on: December 07, 2007, 04:10:58 PM »
Hey everyone: 
   I'm a 2L but was an evening student last year, i need some help figuring out Future estates and such. Does anyone know of good supps or diagrams to help me master this??? If you aced property or this part of the exam or know it really really well, what helped you??? I can already tell that my property exam is my hardest exam this semester. Gracias :)

Hey all! I'm from the east coast but go to school in the mid west. None of the firms around philadelphia where i'm from do OCI at my school. So i was able to get a list of firms going to law schools in philadelphia that are close to evenly ranked to my school and just emailed a lot of them my resume, coverletter, transcript and writing sample. So far i'v recieved confirmation for about 1/4 of the firms i sent them to. Does this really work?? Is there anything I can do?? I went on the website and they all say that they advocate students for to send in their own resumes who attend other law schools that they don't visit for OCI. Has anyone had any luck doing this?? Thank you

Book Sales and Trades / I am selling LEEWS
« on: November 20, 2006, 12:16:19 PM »
I should have posted the info in the students board instead of the prelaw board. Anyway i'm also selling it on EBAY too. HERE,1

Book is in Brand new condition. I used the CD's once (so i guarrentee they work), and would have to tell you i'm glad i did the program.

Thank you for your comments "well the non hateful ones anyway"   ;D ;D

PS: i'm not a native speaker of spanish, "there are some of us like that incase you don't know any" I majored in it to learn it, to try and learn a piece of my culture. Anyway, Much love  ;D

Hello I am probibly going to be PT at my school. I am trying to keep my options open. I am from PA and going to IN. I would like to know if there are any schools in the east coast that accept PT transfers??? If I am PT, I will not have enough credits to be concidered into FT transfer status, maybe if I take summer classes. Could I do that?? Will schools wait for my grades?? That is really cutting it down to the wire isn't it. I would like to have the option to move back to PA if possible. What can I do?? Also going with the posting of someone else on this thread, what are my chances of getting into a school in my state that is of same tier as me. I'm 2nd tier, schools like Temple and Villanova are in the same tier as me, and are reallly close to me. If I get awesome grades i'm applying to PENN too (i can dream can't i) Thank you all for ur time and comments.

Felt like taking a break from studying for my MPRE exam on saturday, so I did a google search. The new ranking should be comming out within the month, but sometimes you can get a tid bit of info in law blogs etc... Anyway here is what I found...

You be the judge!! I am just presenting the Evidence for the Trier of fact!!

     Plus the drama this post is going to cause is going to KICK ASS to watch!!!  ;D ;D

Hey all,

 I'm looking for the website or link to site that lets me know the amount of firms that go to each school for OCI and the names of those firms. I remember finding the site before but lost it. Thank you in advance

Where should I go next fall? / My roomates' dilema
« on: August 02, 2007, 07:21:17 PM »
My roomate is in the process of making a very important decision. He is debating deferring for a year at University of Tulsa. He is currently on Cardozo's waitlist, where he really wants to go, but he may not find out until September. They don't start school until really really late. He is considering deferring for a year and moving to Cincinatti where his g/f is. He said that he may send out an app to University of Cinn. But chances are that he won't get accepted. My roomate had a lot of misconduct issues. He got accepted only to one school Tulsa after really interviewing with them. He even didn't get into cooley. So chances are he will get rejected at U of Cinn. The only schools that are really giving him a chance is Cardozo to which he is still on the waitlist. Classes start at Tulsa Aug 16 or that is orientation. If he starts tulsa and gets accepted to Cardozo he will have lost a lot of money. Should he just try to defer for a year in hopes to get into Cardozo and then apply to Cinn and if he doesn't get into either of them then just go to Tulsa?? he doesn't want to work or live in Tulsa and knows no one. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do to go to law school. I for one knew no one in Indiana and moved there for school. He could try to transfer, but as we all know that is very difficult. He knows he may be stuck at Tulsa if he goes. What does everyone think?? He just did a road to to NYC to talk to Cardozo and show them how much he wants go to there and told them how he is starting soon at Tulsa but would rather go to Cardozo. Is there anything else he can or should do?? What do you all recommend?? Just curious... I know in the end it is his decision. Thank you all!

Where should I go next fall? / CARDOZO WAITLIST!!
« on: July 10, 2007, 11:40:37 AM »
I posted this under waitlist but i thought i would try here too.
   My roomate after hearing nothing finally got a letter yesterday from Cardozo Law school. They put them on the waitlist!! Then gave him the opportunity to let them know if he was interested in a PT Day Program. He ofcourse let them know that he was very interested in whatever program they wanted to put him in. The waitlist said that he may have to wait till Aug 27!! First day of classes or orientation.... He is moving into another town for law school, but i'm sure he would break the lease and leave if he had the opportuntiy to get into Cardozo b/c he ultimately wants to practice in NYC anyway...
  Does anyone have any info on the waitlist??? How many people there are?? How many people get in?? What are his chances?? They said the Waitlist is NOT ranked and that they reevaluate each application... Any info would be great thanks!!

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