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how are my comments racist?  prove your point.  if not, give your opinion on the supreme court ruling and stop placing lame comments.

as i mentioned earlier, i have seen tons of minorities go down the wrong path.  now the consequences for their actions is minimized.  gang members can have their members who are under 18 commit murder.  these under age members will not get the death penalty in any circumstances.

you're an idiot to think that my comments are racist.  you are on this board to place stupid comments like "shut up already."  yeah, whatever...

how can i be racist if i an minority (mexican) talking about other minorities.   

i see too many minorities fall into the "gang" glamour.  if there are strict consequences for their actions, maybe a few "gang bangers" will think twice.

I think the opinion was crap.

I tend to agree with Scalia's dissent and how the majority's statistics don't make sense.

I also think that someone who is under 18 can form the sufficient intent for murder-one.  I believe that it should be up to the states to determine if the minor has formed the intent to try him as an adult and for the death penalty. 

Too many "gang bangers" who are under 18 will commit murder-one and will not suffer the consequences.  Sure they will go prison for their actions, but prison is not bad for a "gang banger".

Just my thoughts.

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