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Current Law Students / Re: NOT FAIR and I'm pissed!!!
« on: April 05, 2005, 07:15:31 AM »
I thought the best briefs were as short as possible?

I am slogging through the Contracts E&E book right now.  I mean, its pretty dry material compared to torts, but i feel like the author could have put more umph into it (stylistically speaking).  Right now, I'm doing the PLS2 law school prep thingy and as far as i can tell im absorbing some of the important stuff (not as much as i need to though).  It can be rigorous if ur a full time employee, but it appears to pay off in the long run.

apparently Lipper knows what working as a lawyer in practice AND what working as a law student is like AND hes still in law school....
Lets think about student...knows what its like to practice as a lawyer...Even if you DID work as a paralegal before law school(doubtful) and even if you did work as an associate or a clerk, i HIGHLY doubt that qualifies you to comment on the parallels of work load between law students and lawyers. 
I'd also like to point out that jomo never really makes the assumption that law school is like the practice of law.

I honestly would be wary about heeding the advice of posters who say 'relax and have a good time'.  It just goes to show where their priorities are.  My guess is that these individuals went straight from undergrad to law school, but i can only speculate.

Hofstra U School of Law / So who is going to Hofstra?
« on: April 04, 2005, 10:47:18 AM »
Just thought i'd start a new post for fall 2005 hofstra 1Ls.  Anyone going to admitted student day this sunday?

Current Law Students / Re: Hofstra vs. John Marshall
« on: March 29, 2005, 08:32:20 AM »
Your decision should really hinge on where you want to practice.  If you go to Hofstra you're probably going to stay in NY and if you go to JM you're probably going to live in chi-town.  As for job prospects i think hofstra is the best overall.  Keep in mind both markets are saturated with lawyers BUT, hofstra has alot of clout on long island and if you do well in school you can hack it in NYC.  On a side note, to work at a big firm in either of these cities you probably have to at least be in the top 20% of your class.  Meaning, do not kid yourself into thinking that you have a better shot at a big firm at one law school or another(HLS and yale do not apply here), it really depends on how you do as a student.  location location location.

Current Law Students / Re: How many x did you take the LSAT?
« on: March 06, 2005, 08:24:12 PM »
First and foremost it is what works best for you.  I originally did Kaplan and had a tutor for a limited amount of time.    And did this from sept. to the 149 on dec. 22(?) studied on my own for a month at a very laxed pace and then got that fantastic 161 in feb....what is crucial in understanding this puzzle is that i had gotten accepted to cooley before i took the second test...meaning that the pressure was off...I am almost certain this is why i did well, but keep in mind that i had already studied for 4 months and had gotten to the point where i did not really need to study strategies that much anymore.  I'd say during the month of February i was just 'keeping fresh' by doing a section every other day. 
OH yea, i almost forgot...i put a STRONG emphasis on reading material that was COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO THE LSATS and LAW...while you may say 'big deal', i think it helps you stay on point and also helps your ability to 'whip' through ALL sections of the a VORACIOUS reader, it helps...Fiction, Non-fiction, Science, anything you like, just keep the pages turning...but again, know thy self...what works for me may not work for main problem was time, NOT figuring out problems, so my style may not fit yours.  Hope this helps :)

Current Law Students / Re: How many x did you take the LSAT?
« on: March 06, 2005, 02:16:04 PM »
dec. 2004-149(40%), feb. 2005-161(85%) i an outlier b/c i misbubbled the first time, yes...but, even if i didnt i dont think i would have scored above a 154 the first time anyway...meaning, YOU CAN IMPROVE IF YOU'RE RELATIVELY my opinion, the most difficult aspect of the test was the timing, other than that everything usually came together pretty easy for me.(i'd say 80% of the questions i got wrong were b/c of careless errors due to time restraints...mos def. including the misbubbling).

Capital / Re: Anyone accepted for Fall 2005
« on: February 17, 2005, 03:13:10 PM »
You got accepted, how bad could it be?  In fact, you should be happy.  I myself have been rejected by Dayton and John Marshall (chi-town), waitlisted by golden gate and accepted by Barry($), Cooley and Appalachian.  As I am sure you can tell these are not cream of the crop schools and at first they were considered my safetiesÖbut, unfortunately I applied before taking the LSATs, assuming that I would score as planned (mid-150ís give or take a few), completely disregarding Murphyís law(big mistake) and sure enough I mis-bubbled a sectionÖ.  While I did take the LSATs again this February (I took them the first time in dec.2004) I cannot see myself turning down the opportunity to go to law school, unless of course I scored a 160 on the feb. LSAT, which Iím pretty sure I didnít do.  While some are squeamish about attending these schools Iím pretty confident that I can either transfer out or put myself in a position to do well after graduation.  What do you think?

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