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How much?

Well, if you want to buy the latest version, I'm selling. PM me. ;D

Current Law Students / Re: Ruskiegirl is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: May 01, 2005, 08:28:03 PM »
Okay, no prob! ;)
Though I can't understand how the people that voted "no" can be so rude. :-\

Joe and Kelly,

I love you too, but this kind of thread will only draw flames and xoxo trolls.  Let's stay focused on the on-topic posts. ;)

Thanks for it.  But I think I might have to get LEEWS only because it seems like the overall consensus is pretty good about it! :D

E&E is actually more like a hornbook and nothing like an outline. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the brightest one in my class, and I really need some "plain English" assistance a great deal of the time. E&E is great for that. I have yet to meet a canned outline that I liked, however.. and I've even met one that was outright wrong! I'm not so confident as to second-guess the authors, but if you can't get a basic fact such as whether one party is a sibling or a spouse, that particular text is suspect. I found this in the Property Legalines keyed to Dukeminier. I've avoided it ever since. I'm already confused.  :P

Thanks for this.

Though I don't understand why you thought LEEWS was a waste of money. :-\

I probably wouldn't do LEEWS again. It's great for some people... it's great for some classes.... just didn't work for ME or my classes! At my school, they will literally crucify you for not using IRAC, so the many books that I got on how to take law school exams were a total waste of money, since they all claim to be revolutionary by turning IRAC on it's head. Law-in-a-Flash for Future Interests is an absolute MUST, no point in the set for Contracts. I really like Examples and Explanations, snd will probably always use them when they are available. I like to use them right before I start a new section, just to get the "big picture", and then again when I'm done with a section and outlining, just to make sure I'm clear. I also really like Crunchtime. I'll go to the coffee shop the day before the exam, go over the "Exam tips" section (all the tricks and pitfalls to look out for... saved my butt a few times!) and do all the exercises. Oh, and if your legal writing prof is utterly worthless (like mine), get "Legal Writing in Plain English" by Bryan A. Garner.

I appreciate your insights into this. ;)

Current Law Students / Re: Ruskiegirl is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: April 30, 2005, 09:30:44 PM »
I luuvvv Ruskiegirl! ;)

For all you people currently in law school, looking back what would you say was a waste of you money on?

Was there something (law preview, leews or anything) that you thought particularly didn't help?

Thank you, I'm definitely convinced.
Question for you, what is the difference between the regular version 16 and the Deluxe version 16?

Before Mavis Beacon I typed 30 WPM

Immediately after Mavis about 45 WPM

Now I type 85 WPM

I highly recommend it!

Current Law Students / Re: Social life in law school
« on: April 26, 2005, 12:01:31 PM »
Ruskie- we should hang out together!  We'd get along great! :-*

Awww, thanks, Kelly.

Sands - there's too much bull and drama there for me.  Please tell your boy HBCU to keep me out of y'all's *&^% over there.

it ain't him as much as its those other wack cats on there. there are a lot who are still positive but I think you let some of the negative cats get to you, namely the females.  I need another voice of reason

A voice of reason cannot exist without credibility.  There, I seem to have none.

You should come hang here with me more often. ;)

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