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Incoming 1Ls / Re: Seton Hall- byuing laptop through school
« on: July 21, 2006, 10:46:27 AM »
Is anyone else waiting for the seton hall link to purchase thier laptop at the discounted student price? i am in the proceess of waiting, and am  THISCLOSE to just ordering it off the lenovo site and calling it a day! ive called the school multiple times, and no one has any idea when the link is going to be up, and while i appreciate getting the few hundred dollars off, the possibility of not getting my laptop until shcool is about to begin and the stress that goes along with it, is not worth it..sigh  :-\

just ordered mine was available last night...

says ship date is 8/10...should be enough time to get it by the time class starts

still shopping for a good backpack though...

welcome to america, where would you like your social security check sent?  oh and enjoy our complimentary healthcare and continental breakfast.

since when is there complimentary healthcare?  i was born here and i dont get that

having been born and raised in jersey, i can say that nyc is nice but it's just not worth the expense.  i love being so close to the city but coming home to a quiet, rural area at night.  it's also cheaper (jersey as a whole still has the highest Cost of living in the country IIRC, but still cheaper than manhattan of course)

i would rather live/work in jersey and have a nice view of the city from here than have to pay double to live there...

I'm not going to Seton Hall, but I was accepted there and visited the campus. I had never been to New Jersey/Newark before, so I was a bit turned off by the city, but the building at Seton Hall was really nice and everyone seemed friendly. I contemplated going there, and the main reason I didn't is price. I don't know about the other schools though so I can't compare them.

its funny how everyone who has never visited NJ always thinks it sucks based on wonder this state is the butt of all jokes in the US  ;D

it's all good though...we are crowded enough as it is...we dont need any more residents here anyway  :P

My school has a mandatory health insurance requirement....but I already have health insurance and it would make no sense to pay 1200 a year if i'm already paying on the other end...

Going to Seton Hall this fall...

Personally, I loved SHU when I visited it...the campus was bright and airy, everyone was friendly, and it seemed like a comfortable place to stay for a few years.  Also, it's a block from Penn Station, which will help me a lot because I'd rather take the train than drive to newark every day.  Also, Seton Hall's area seemed to be much better in terms of upkeep and appearance compared to RN's campus...

These are all reasons that may seem unimportant but to me they are the end of the day, where you're going to be happy is where you will succeed.  With these three schools, I would say they are all similar in rank, and that as long as you do well relative to your class (although I guess with RN you don't really know), you'll be fine.

But the main reason I'm choosing SHU over RN is that I was rejected at RN  ;D

but since you want to work in NYC, camden should be out of the picture...your choice is really between the 2 newark schools

that is hefty.

i always wonder why they disburse loans so late in the game. dont people need to set themselves up for school?

if i were you, i'd buy the laptop on a credit card maybe 2-3 weeks before school starts, that way you can just pay the bill when you get your money. i plan to live off of my credit card for the first few weeks of my move.

yeah i guess..


I have a second deposti of 1K due in there a way to take this from the laon?  I know it won't be dispersed by then because usually they wait till the semester begins

i also want to buy a laptop over the summer from said loans

is this possible at all?

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Decision: Seton Hall PT (evening)
« on: April 08, 2006, 08:59:22 PM »
yeah back in march

maybe ill see you at orientation  :)

I went in March too.  Yeah, definitely at orientation. You know if we're allowed to bring a guest to that by any chance? 

not sure about that...way too early to think about that lol

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Decision: Seton Hall PT (evening)
« on: April 07, 2006, 10:15:05 PM »
yeah back in march

maybe ill see you at orientation  :)

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