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My PS would lose a lot of it's flow if I reduce it to 500 words, but many schools ask for 500 words or less.  I have 680, which is 2 full pages double spaced 12 font

Tough darn. Cut it down.

refer to post above yours

Being in my senior year, all the law schools will only get my gpa until the end of junior year.  What if for some reason my GPA falls AFTER a law school accepts me?  Can they later deny it?

What if it falls by a lot?

I am not anticipating this, just curious to know since many law school students are still in progress as an ugrad

Yep, stick to the 500 and do not go over.  Unless, of course, they say you can (George Mason comes to mind)

yeah i cut out some fat which sacrifices some flow, but better safe than sorry

also since im attaching it electronically they can be asses and check the word count, so i was able to mmake it exactly 500.

My average word size is not three letters. A page full of 3-letter words yields 900 words per page, with 1" margins at the top and bottom and 1.25" at the left and right.

you actually calculated it...nice

i was just joking

I meant double-spaced, too. In fact, I just did word count in MS Word on a double-spaced page of text, 11 point font, and it was 427 words.

must be very small margins.  Mine just fits two pages and it's 680 words, meaning about 340 a page.

either that or your average word size is 3 letters

My PS would lose a lot of it's flow if I reduce it to 500 words, but many schools ask for 500 words or less.  I have 680, which is 2 full pages double spaced 12 font

will they notice, and even more important, will they care?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Worst case scenario: How bad is Touro?
« on: September 12, 2005, 07:37:33 PM »
I thought long and hard before deciding to go to Touro.  I went to an awesome undergrad and did relatively well- but then came the LSAT and my options were severely limited.  Nonetheless, I am very surprised at the quality of teaching I've seen at Touro.  The professors are all excellent, or at least the majority are in my opinion.  Word is getting around law firms in the area about what Touro is doing with the Callahan Court Complex in Cetnral Islip.  Firms, a few years down the road, will realize that this school is going to be a huge asset in producing competent legal professionals who know the law and have seen the inside of a courtroom before graduating law school.

Definitely happy w/ Touro.

Good to hear I have a backup in case hofstra doesnt work out.

I'm going to apply to hofstra pt, 3.3/ do you think ill fare?

Why the addendum for quiting work at all?

Don't mention the classes, they won't care. 

Well in my PS I give off the hint that work was a very big part of my life...i dunno though

It's basically three sentences that say I will quit work in order to focus solely on Law School. 

Is that too short? 

I can also add the fact that I've taken 3 law related class and did well in all three (As and A-'s)

What do you think?

Thanks again for answereing my stupid noob questions

Don't title the PS. They know what it is.

Put your name, not your SSN, the upper right hand corner of each page in the margin.

You'll attach the PS when you apply online along with your resume.

Indent your paragraphs, no open lines in between paragraphs.

I see, so I just attach it as a Word Document?

Thanks for the help!

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