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Basically I'm another one of those middle-class white male men who has absolutley nothing special in his life that could possibly be incorporated into a PS, except for maybe one thing. When I was 15 and a sophmore in high school, I bought and restored a 1968 camaro with my father. I was inspired by my father who also had a camaro when he was back in high school. We built the entire car ourselves, and I paid for absolutely everything, working my ass off 40+ hours during the summer and over 20 hours a week during school. We finished the car in just over a year, and I kept receipts of every single thing I bought or put into the car. By the time we finished I had spent over $18,000 which does not include any labor or services. Do you guys think this would be an ok personal statement if I can use it to display my devotion and determination? Any ideas on how I could apply this topic to my personal statement?

I mean, a really good write could apply just about anything to any given writing assignment. The one thing I would really shy away from, though, is that it happened while you were in high school. If you do use this, find a way to tie it to your more recent past (maybe you've showed similar determination in something else a bit quirky?); law schools might think it's weird if you've got nothing to show for the last 3 (or so) years since high school.

I do like the idea, though.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: PSA: MacBook iPod deals
« on: June 19, 2006, 05:54:24 AM »
I was in the apple store (Tampa, FL) yesterday and they have this advertised for any student.  You buy any mac and ipod nano and you get a rebate for the price of the nano.

i did this last year and got an ipod mini free.  the rebate takes a while.

If you're a student you're also eligible for 10% off the price (including the Apple Care package, which i DEFINITELY reccommend getting, my mac is in the shop every 4-5 months!)


I've always been a PC person, but when I researched this deal I decided to make the switch and bought a MacBook.  Dollar for dollar, this laptop stacks up really well when you compare all the features you get for the rather meager $1049.00 price.  Throw in a free 2GB iPod Nano, and I was sold (my undergraduate bookstore also threw in a free laptop carrying bag).  Not only do these computers look better AND come with a bunch of features such as bluetooth and firewire for a cheaper price, they also run XP for those who are going to a school that requires XP for the exam software (though it's always best to double check - Boalt doesn't use exam software so I didn't have to worry about this one). 

I'm not saying it's not going to take some getting used to, but I've been happy so far.  It still surprises me that the Apple was the cheapest laptop for the features I was looking for (less than 6.5 lbs, long battery life, Windows Vista compatible graphics card, etc).


Yeah, I priced out a similarly-equipped Dell w/a 3-yr warranty vs. the $1049 MacBook w/AppleCare + Free iPod Nano and it was just impossible to pass on the MacBook.

Plus, they're just soooo much sexier.


Also, does anyone know if we can get tickets to away games at all? All I want in life is to see Ohio State beat up on the wolverines from the UM student section.   ;D

 :-\ :-\

Well, you do live in Ohio.  ;)

Completely un-related question: What's the deal with UMich and ranking the class?

My understanding is that they do not rank until after graduation... which means probably when you get final transcripts for your degree it'll have a rank, but no ranks before then (I wonder whether you can get a good sense of where you are though).  Typically you have your first job before final grades are in for your final semester so ranks shouldn't matter too much.  However, I'm sure sometimes employers care and probably some fellowships and clerkships will care.

Thanks a lot. That's what I'd heard too, but wanted to make sure it was accurate.

You'll get a manilla envelope in July if you ordered them by mail. That's when you'll know where you sit. You'll generally sit in the same place every week, although it's not really regulated and people move a ton; you won't be able to go down past the concourse w/o showing a ticket stub, though, and the concourse is around row 70. I sat within 5 seats/a row of my actual seat every week.

Incoming students, some advice from a Michigan Stadium vet:
1.) Do not try to start the wave when the score is close.
2.) The wave goes: Normal, Slow, Fast, and then Crossed. Don't be the loser who doesn't know what they're doing.
3.) Be prepared for the quietest 110,000 person crowd ever; seriously, it's almost depressing. So, let off your pent up law school frustration at the stadium every week and try to raise the decibel level a bit -- the old codgers in the alumni section will appreciate not having to work so hard.

Completely un-related question: What's the deal with UMich and ranking the class?

Incoming 1Ls / Re: How much are you spending an apartment next year?
« on: June 16, 2006, 06:31:08 AM »
$625/month two-room studio across the street from the law quad. All utilites except internet/cable, street parking.

This is pretty much a steal for this location in Ann Arbor.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: UMich Visit - Photos
« on: June 16, 2006, 06:20:08 AM »
I haven't been down in AA since graduation at the end of April. You're making me miss that place a tad, which is hard (just cause I'm so used to it).

For non T14, I think GWU is pretty good as well.

Are you guys all in your own group for football tickets?

I'm in my same group as the last few years with my friends in the Pharmacy school. I hate to rub it in, but with my seniority, my seats are going to be a lot better than yours.  ;)

I did, however, have to sit in the 80's (the highest row is like 110 maybe?) for two years, so at this point I do deserve it. There's really no bad seat there, even with the stadium being 111,000+.

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