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I've fleshed out a good version of an initial draft for my PS. This PS is tailored to Duke, but I'm applying their ED so I need it done before the others. I'll take the same theme and apply it to the other schools I'm applying to.

Anyway, keep in mind it is a draft but I want to see if I'm on the right path at all, if it's too much of a narrative, too fluffy, etc.

Thanks. I'll PM to people that respond.

Oh and yeah, it talks a bit about my rock and roll career.

I decided I wanted to do law in high school and my dreams haven't changed. I went abroad to China and spent time talking with Chinese high school students that made me realize that I had a passion for helping/being compassionate. Really, it's pretty much the most meaningful thing that has happened to me but it was four years ago.

Is it too far in the past?

Law School Admissions / Who are "immediate' family members technically?
« on: August 10, 2005, 12:27:22 PM »
Two of my cousins are Duke grads. There's a spot to list "immediate" family members on the Duke Law app.

Also, does this really give you much of an edge?

I had this prof that liked me a lot. Naturally I asked him to write me a LOR. It said a lot, including (in different words of course) "his analytical skills are better than mine," "I've only seen this commitment to ethics in one under student in my 12 year career," "he's the first person I've passionately recommended as a great candidate in 12 years", and "I'm sure he'll be a top 3 candidate at your school, be editor of your law review, and graduate magna cum laude in a few years."

Is this a bit much? Will Ad Comms think it is B.S.? I didn't write the letter, so it was the prof's word, not mine. Just seems a bit over the top perhaps?

Choosing the Right Law School / Chances -- 3.85(3.97)/166
« on: August 09, 2005, 02:57:22 PM »
Hey, I'm new to the boards. Just spent the weekend touring schools and thus law school is consuming my mind. Here are my stats:

GPA: 3.85ish
LSAT: 166
School: University of Michigan AA, but transferred from Oakland University in MI. Since transferring, I've had a 3.97 at UMICH (thus, strong upward trend since Freshman year)
Degree: Poli Sci
Gender: Male
Economic Disadvantage: No
State of Residence: Michigan
Work history: Worked 25+ hrs a week while attending OU, no work while at UMICH but was a summer intern for contract lawyers at a large corporation
Awards: University honors (UMICH), writing awards, OU Dean's List (all semesters attended)
Extracurriculars: Phi Alpha Delta UMICH, Service Chair, Rush Committee; Michigan Daily non-staff arts writer; College Republicans; Campus Crusade Small Groups member; member of a rock band which has recorded and released music on a NYC-based label and toured in the East Coast (;D)

Dream schools: Duke (will apply early admit), U of Michigan, Georgetown
More realistic: BU, Fordham, USC, George Washington U, BC, Washington U (St. Louis)
Should be easy: American U, DePaul, Wayne State U


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