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Nashville School of Law / Re: Anyone from Knoxville at or applying to NSL?
« on: November 29, 2004, 04:56:10 AM »
Wow. You guys have collectively got me thinking long and hard about giving up on UT.


Actually, my wife and I had a very fruitful discussion about this yesterday. We've decided to take another year so that I can really crunch down on LSAT prep, retake the test in Oct, and reapply to UT for '06.

Yes. Reapply. I tried last year to get in with my good LSAT and my poor UGPA. I got jammed, and my confidence was a little shaken by that experience. I had given up on the idea that I'd crack the barrier here in Knoxville. It's amazing the kinds of thinking I can rationalize when that sort of thing happens, the most reasonable bit of which probably was trying at NSL. I have no doubt that I would do very well once I got going, but the admissions hurdle seems an awfully high one. As arbitrary as it may be, UT will still consider one's UGPA as one of the top two admissions factors, even if one "achieved" said UGPA thirteen years ago.

My wife pointed out that if I prep for the LSAT with a great deal of discipline, I should be able to push my score up close to, or even past, 170, which doesn't guarantee anything, but which would enhance my odds. It would also give us a little more time to get our financial ducks in a row.

So, thanks strangers. You have helped me in our very brief time together to make a little more sense out of this puzzle. ruskiegirl and jeffjoe, I won't give up on UT just yet. And urwrong, after all that, I may still meet up with you in Nashville one day. It just probably won't be next year.

Nashville School of Law / Anyone from Knoxville at or applying to NSL?
« on: November 27, 2004, 08:54:19 PM »

I just found this forum yesterday. I'm glad.

I'm seriously considering applying to NSL for 2005 admission. I'm married, have two kids, a fulltime job, and all the attendant responsibilities.

I live in Knoxville, but I don't think I could get into UT. Even if I could, I am not sure I could swing it and still support my family. It's much more expensive and the pace is faster.

I have a pretty good LSAT score and an abysmal GPA, but I have a high enough index that I think I might be a viable candidate for admission to NSL.

All that leads to my question: do any of you commute from Knoxville? Or anyplace else that is of an equivalent distance from Nashville? If so, I would like to gain insight from your experience. (Also, perhaps, someone with whom to carpool, assuming I get in.)

My job is flexible enough that I could fit it around just about any conceivable schedule. My wife would miss me on the nights I was gone, and so would the boys, but I think we could all adjust to that. I sure hope so, because one way or another, I intend to go to law school. I'd just prefer not to have to uproot everyone and move them somewhere away from grandparents, friends, church, and all that sort of thing.

So, in your opinion(s), is this much of a commute an overwhelmingly negative factor? Or, is it feasible if the desire is present?

I would really appreciate hearing from any of you who have dealt with this, or are thinking about it. Thanks.


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