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Current Law Students / Re: Help in deciding summer employment!
« on: May 04, 2005, 10:06:37 PM »
I would take #2.

Current Law Students / Re: Are most exams open book?
« on: May 04, 2005, 07:55:04 AM »
Two were closed book, and one was open book, but like mentioned above, you really don't have time to go through the 'open book.' You still should pretty much memorize everything as if it was closed.  It really just depends on your professor's style. 

Current Law Students / Re: Government Work and Politics
« on: May 03, 2005, 07:42:00 PM »
I'm in my 30s and have been in the corp world for 10 years now.  I'm have chased the $$$ and am attending PT evening law school and will pursue a government/state type job.

Job Search / Re: 1L summer opportunities for Part Timers?!
« on: April 27, 2005, 10:07:07 PM »
I will continue to work a standard 40 hours a week at my regular job, and then work an 8 hour day at the legal job. I will make up my 8 hours from my regular job either on the other 4 days or on the weekend.  So essentially I will work 48 hours a week.  (I just told my regular job that I have a class one day a week which will last for 3 months. That it will only last a summer, and that I will go back into the regular schedule, 40 hours a week, M-F, after that).

You will find that even if the gov/state jobs you interview at don't offer you a part time gig in the summer, they all have part time programs throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. 

On a side note, don't feel that PT is any less advantageous than FT.  There are many advantages to it.  The obvious is, you are making money to support your family, to pay off tuition, etc., but you are also gaining a lot of real life work experience which normally you would not, and you have a backup when you graduate.  If you don't find a law job, you still have the one you are working at until you do find a law job. The disadvatages are, you don't get a chance to participate in a lot of full time summer gigs which most big private firms want, and I feel that, at least my school, gears a lot of effort toward FT students, like guest speakers and club meetings, so you miss something there. 

If IP/Patent law is a direction you are planning on going and you have the background to take the patent bar (you must have been a specific major like physics or chemistry oe enginnering, or have 2 years hands on engineering background under a qualified enginer, etc, etc, etc), then I would try to take it before your 1L.  The reason that is, because, you will become a patent agent, and there are alot of IP firms that look for that in the summer right after the 1L. 

Now, understand that to become an IP lawyer, you don't necessarily need to take the patent bar, but it is a big PLUS.

The main difference between the patent bar and regular bar is patent bar is mainly a techical exam, you can take a general patent exam on general principles of physics, chemistry, etc. or you can take a specific one, like on mechanical engineering. 

Opportunities are vast for IP law, but you got to be the best.  It's a growing field, but like anything else, they want the top grades and the best qualified.  Pay can range from voluteer ($0) to $4000 a month or maybe more. 

Good luck. 

Job Search / Re: 1L summer opportunities for Part Timers?!
« on: April 25, 2005, 12:22:18 PM »
I am a 1L PT evening student, working full time.  Most of the places I interviewed at were for full time summer programs from June - August and were not flexible at all, but there were several which were.  These were all government/state type jobs, like Public Defender, Attorney General, and DA's office.  I will be taking one of these which allows me to volunteer one day a week. 

Current Law Students / Re: So who's attending Boalt this fall?
« on: April 21, 2005, 09:43:45 AM »
I think either Ruskygirl (sp?) or boxergirl, forgot which one, on this site is attending Boalt as a 1L currently. They will probably answer any questions you have. 

Do I really want to flush all this $ down the drain?

Current Law Students / Re: What do you use your laptop for?
« on: April 20, 2005, 08:15:56 PM »
Taking notes, using examsoft (so get a PC not a MAC if you want to take your exams on your laptop), and get wireless so you can browse the internet because some classes are boring as hell.

Current Law Students / Re: Failing in Law School
« on: April 20, 2005, 02:46:48 PM »
Yes, the lower the attrition rate the better.  They are pretty much hand holding you through (not in a bad way). One of my profs went to I think Standford or Harvard law, and he was saying that it's hard to not get a B or better in that school, even if you don't work hard.  Granted, he's probably way smarter than the average 3rd or 4th tier, but that's what I meant by hand holding. 

Some 4th tiers and for profit schools will admit too many students on purpose, then weed out as much as 40% in their 1L class. Of course, a portion of that 40% will also tranfer to better schools. 

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