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Current Law Students / Re: Seat deposit returned
« on: June 16, 2005, 11:37:08 AM »
I don't see why you want a refund if it's your fault???  If it said non-refundable, then that's that. Just suck it up and move on. What you were thinking was that this 4th tier was a safety school, and now that you got into something better, doesn't justify you suing them.  Being a lawyer or knowing one or being in the field of law doesn't mean you just start suing everyone just because. And just to re-emphasize, you are the one that messed up, not them. 

Don't know if you have gone over there already, but there is a pre-law side to this board which may also be able to help you. As you know, people on this side of the board pretty much has started or graduated from law school, but the pre-law side people are more like you, deciding what to do, how to write a personal statement, which school to go to, etc. 

In any case, both boards are very helpful and will be more than happy to give you advice.

There are several people in my class which English is not their native language.  They don't talk much but they made it.

In general, all students, no matter what school they attend, will struggle their first year.  It's not so much the difficulty in material, but more the amount of work and how successfully and effectively you use your time. After the first year, you pretty much have figured out what you did wrong and what you did right. 

On a side note, I'm not sure about Japan, but there are several students in my class which are in a LLM program.  They got their legal degrees from their native country, then come over to the US to get their LLM, which is only 1 year of school. I believe that once you get the LLM and pass the bar, then you can practice in the state you pass the bar in. Again, I'm not 100% sure but this may be a better avenue. 

Current Law Students / Re: Audio CD Study Aids
« on: June 07, 2005, 06:51:07 PM »
A friend that was 1 year ahead of me had Gilberts tapes for some subjects.  I used them on the drive to and from law school.  They weren't great but I thought it was better than nothing.  It was very high level, but since you were listening to them over and over and over and over again, it actually stuck. I probably would not pay full price though. 

Can you give us older folks a run down on what myspace is???? It looks like some sort of friendster thing or something like that.

Current Law Students / Re: Grading Curves
« on: May 31, 2005, 11:03:08 AM »
I attend a third tier toilet and there is a very tough curve.  The reason there's a curve is because they can't attract the higher calibur students that will attend 1st and 2nd tiers to increase their bar passage rate. And because of this fact, they have to weed out as much as they can without killing their bottom line, so that the bar passage rate will be better than worse. And it's not so much the curve or drop out rate in 1L that's a negative to the school, it's the bar passage rate. 

Also, it's not the GPA that matters to firms, non-profit org, or whatever, it's the ranking.  Every interview I went to for this summer, they asked the ranking, not the GPA. So, if at my TTT, I have a GPA of 78% but a ranking of 4 in my class of 500, the 78% is irrevalent. 

Current Law Students / Re: WTF? Credit score of 550
« on: May 28, 2005, 01:28:20 AM »
Fico scores do matter for buying a house. The higher the score, the lower the APR. It would be in his best interest (no pun intended) to increase his score to or over 700. The cost you save by the APR difference will means hundreds of dollars per month in savings.

Current Law Students / Re: Class Notes Advice
« on: May 27, 2005, 12:28:34 PM »
I would use pen because of the permanency (sp?), and in a one of those spiral binders which already has the line paper attached to the binder.  And if you have handouts, put it in the open pockets that come attached to these binders.

Current Law Students / Re: How to help cut textbooks costs ...
« on: May 27, 2005, 10:26:09 AM »
I did take the survey but after browsing the site, I didn't see any prices.  Is this product available currently, or they are still building/making it?

Current Law Students / Re: How to help cut textbooks costs ...
« on: May 27, 2005, 10:04:23 AM »
The idea of e-books is a good idea, however, the secondary hardware is stupid.  Why not just be available for download on a laptop? 

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