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Since Lewis ostensibly has proclaimed a syllabus to be a contract, and in light of the fact that no paper syllabus has yet been forthcoming for the remainder, then we can conclude that said contract is as good as the paper its ... oh, nevermind.


Maybe our grades are subject to arbitration. 

OTOH, according to Mr. Lewis, at arbitration you sit down in a room with people that have been appointed by someone else, you don't get to say much for yourself, and they tell you how it's going to be.  Yes, I do believe we are experiencing arbitration in the writing class.

I was going to post my own objective 3rd party's review comments, but decided that is not worth the web space.

The curious thing is that in my first memo, Ms. Hogan commented that I should work on improving citations and synthesis.  I believe that the cites, form, logic, analysis, and synthesis are much more mature in #2.  Mysteriously, my grade was lower on #2, and (as with everone else in the class) no comments have been offered.

What the hell... I know I have the ability to do this.

Redundant name?  Yes, considering that there have been 3 real attorneys in my family, the first being my grandfather, Milo B. Slick, Michigan State, '04.  I understand that one of his first cases was the defense of a farmer, who upon being threatened by a gun-wielding farmer in an argument over a fence line, subsequently killed the gunslinger with an ax. 

If you did actually learn something product, please post your comments about in this thread.

Nashville School of Law / Re: Professor Lewis' LSAT
« on: January 04, 2005, 01:47:19 PM »
You've obviously mistaken me for someone that gives a *&^%.

Here's a poll on the scholastic benefits of memo #2, including the instructor feedback.

Nashville School of Law / Re: Professor Lewis' LSAT
« on: January 04, 2005, 01:35:13 PM »
No entry found for caliburr.
Did you mean calibre?


Nashville School of Law / Briefs: which ones
« on: September 09, 2004, 02:33:10 AM »
Q: Neophyte aXes: how many of these ContraKs cases should we brief? 
I understand that the best approach might be to brief ALL the contracts cases, but I'm only going 1/2 time, and am already spending >= 14 hours per week on my studies.  I am probably making it too hard, but I don't see the value in cheating by just memorizing or copying an outline.

Current Law Students / Re: Am I studying enough?
« on: September 09, 2004, 02:23:04 AM »
>"I get the whole "if you brief your own cases you'll learn it better", but assume for a second learning it isn't the issue, outline content is, am I getting enough content in?"

If learning isn't the issues, why go to school?

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