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Mere puff?

Yes, "puff" is appropriate here... not to be confused with auction puffing, but what the hell, let the hammer fall.     :o

Now, let's be fair to carbolic.  I sense issues.  C, tell us about it.

Carbolic, carbolic... oh yeah: the smoke ball.     ???

jeese, talk about having some issues.  i see the boards haven't changed in my brief absence.  sorry dicta, but jslick has you beat on the rage issue(s).  if you have to curse someone for making a better grade, maybe law school isn't for you.  better yet, if you have trouble writing, why don't you seek some help.  dropping the 'A'-bomb and using grade school putdowns ain't gonna get ya' anywhere.  you need to bucket-up brother.

 ??? The A bomb?  Oh gee, I'll feel bad, if you like.  I've no rage.  Law school is not "do or die" for me.

Also, you would do well to learn to read more carefully.  Apparently, you were in such haste to stumble into a reply that you failed to notice that I made no allusion to anyone making a better grade than I did.  I'm not threatened by that, nor am I competing.

Nashville School of Law / Re: JJ at NSL
« on: January 07, 2005, 02:14:25 PM »
I say we need to order some "I Survived LWR" T-shirts.

I say... go back to sleep. ???

... my classmate who essentially told me "Well some people did well (meaning, himself) so you must not know how to write"

Assuming that is what was really said, then that arrogant assh0le is probably an obsequious sycophant who has chanced to win favor from an overworked instructor who obviously did not read the papers carefully enough to offer constructive feedback. 

Since that assh0le implies a knowledge of how to write, why is he in the course, other than to satisfy a requirement?  Perhaps he would like to become a teaching assistant, or better yet he could wield his great authority by becoming a Hall Monitor.  I can only laugh, as such types make such a big deal out of being law students. 

This reminds me of the conceited preppy female dog who went to Vandy law school with my ex-wife unit, who pontificated, "If a person doesn't have a college degree, he should not be allowed to vote."

As Tuco said to the sadistic stockade guard in Good, Bad & Ugly, "I like big fat men like you, because when they fall, they make a big noise"... as will the arrogant writing expert.

Nashville School of Law / Re: To all the lurkers
« on: January 07, 2005, 03:27:22 AM »

Nashville School of Law / Re: What is your favorite class?
« on: January 07, 2005, 03:27:05 AM »
Gee, you do like legal writing, too, right?


One more lie and I can run for office.

Well son, don' let that stop ya now.  Ya'll jus' run raht along 'n git ta lahin' so's ya'll kin git all practised up fer political orifice.  An you kin count own mah vote(s)... all hunnert of 'em!

I lied.  I only voted once.  I swear.  I think I swear.

:o Another HONORS VIOLATION!  You'll fit right into the profession!

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