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Nashville School of Law / Re: JJ at NSL
« on: January 12, 2005, 02:46:53 PM »

 THE PRESIDENT: Chief weapons inspector, Charles Duelfer, has now issued a comprehensive report that confirms the earlier conclusion of David Kay that Iraq did not have the weapons that our intelligence believed were there.

And your point is...

Nashville School of Law / Re: JJ at NSL
« on: January 12, 2005, 10:30:52 AM »
Well, we like them Yankee librals down he uh! Somebody got to educate us. ;)

Now sistuh, dontcha be spreddin no skandal an such.  We'all  doin jus fahn wif are own edjikashun... spesh'ly that ol' leeguhl rahtin' too, uh huh.

Nashville School of Law / Re: Appellate brief
« on: January 12, 2005, 10:27:19 AM »
A'hawdy haw haw... ah ain't got no extra drumstiks tuh pass 'roun, but ah'll sho' nuff gi' ya'll this heuh ol' 'Lanna Braves baseball bat tuh chew on insted.

Nashville School of Law / Re: Appellate brief
« on: January 12, 2005, 12:13:48 AM »
Heh, heh, heh... the perFESSer... ah mean, that ol' motha HEN-- (ain't she got herself a new lil' ol' crumbsnatcher a'peepin roun' her ol' hen house?)-- anyways, she SHO' nuff done gone an' got the hole bahn yahd all in a big fat ol' tizzy!  Hyuk, hyuk. 

She sho' nuff lettin' the chilrens lern how tuh wraht fo' they own selfs, uh huh, an' that's FO' SHOre!  SHOOT... whutcha all 'speck?  How kin a body lern leeguhl rahtin' if'n all ya'll don' do none nohow?  SHUCKS!  Ah rekkin evin if ol' perFERRer don't NEVah reed no payapuhs we all gone lern sumpin' any hows!  'Seppin' a corse, all'a them whut thaynks thay is alreddy rahtin gooder 'nuff.

What say we'all jus' git a mess'a darts an heave 'em at a ol' daht bohud an see whut lil ol' grayd we'all done gwinna git?  Heh, heh, heh.

I don't want to know that bad. I fear that she would re-read and say that is a pile of crap and change the grade.

Son, ah say... son, now shorely ya'll don't beeleeve that thar PROfisser actual done red yore lil ol' leeguhl payahpuh, now duz you?  Whah... SHOOT!

Nashville School of Law / Re: I LOVE J SLICK
« on: January 11, 2005, 04:41:43 PM »
Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk... thuh ol' gal.. ah mean tuh say, thuh ol' BAHN-YAHD HEN don' rahtly know whut done got intuh that ol' rooster... heh heh heh! 

Funny how a smart ol' rooster soun's smahrt wif anythin' he throw intuh his ol' leeguhl wrahtin' 'signment.

Nashville School of Law / Re: JJ at NSL
« on: January 11, 2005, 04:30:05 PM »
I had my meeting with LWR prof yesterday to discuss my less than stellar performance on the last memo.  I have to give her credit.  she was consistent.  If I had followed all her rules and directions, I might have gotten a better grade.  My problem was that I disagreed with her rules and directions.  When she wanted us to form our argument a certain way, it was not a suggestion.  She gave us the best way to do it and if we departed from that it was less than good.

I've learned my lesson and I hope in the future I'll be better at spotting these situations.

When you met with the instructor, did she fully read your paper?  If so, was it or was it not your impression that she had actually read it before it was returned last week?

I too went from a B to a C, with no explanation.  I am considering that the final paper is not worth doing.

Nashville School of Law / Re: Well, duh.
« on: January 10, 2005, 10:32:59 AM »
Actually that is quite a statement for the school--Vanderbilt grads tend to go into corporate law and get the big bucks, so this is quite impressive that he wants a focus on public interest law. Woo hoo! Go Rubin!

Nashville School of Law / Re: I LOVE J SLICK
« on: January 10, 2005, 10:32:01 AM »
You do realize that this subject sounds like the title of the latest teen romance movie?

Do tell more about the teen romance novel!  I will set aside my writing assignment in eager anticipation. 
Actually, I set it aside weeks ago, in profound boredom with informed consent.

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