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Going the first week of July. I'm willing to pay a month of non-occupancy if need be, but it looks like most things come up not too long ahead of vacancy. Early July for available Aug 1 seems reasonable (well, too me, for what that's worth).

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Religion in Law School
« on: May 15, 2007, 04:55:53 PM »
Anyone bringing up the ten commandments in law school should be expelled on the spot

Now, now ... if we're discussing the history and evolution of law through the ages, it might be appropriate. If however someone were to state that they are the cornerstone of civilization at the their removal from classrooms in the early 60s caused divorces and teen pregnancies, then I believe it's reasonable to point and laugh.

From a strictly intellectual, no emotions point of view, I know that I should go to Harvard  

Since when do Russians act on reason? Kidding aside, don't worry too much. Post-cognitive dissonance tells us that whichever you pick, within a year, your brain is going to play a neat trick on you and tell you that your decision was the best.

And how have you assessed that there was "a relatively good chance"? Sounds pretty asinine to me, given the NPD leanings of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. And BC would never go for that. So by 'West', you mean Alberta right? A province so flush with oil that they have no income tax, and bituminous sands that hold more oil than Saudi Arabia. Yeah ... they're going to want to share that with a country of 300 millions.

Really ... wtf are you talking about?

IM DONE!!!!!
... for 3 and a half months  :)

Congratulations nonetheless.

I clock in at a venerable 31. And I remember watching CHiPs when they weren't reruns. But for the record, I hereby give y'all permission to smack me in the back of the head if I ever start a phrase with "When I was a kid ...."

Didn't someone write in the law school's student blog that searching more than 60 days ahead was kind of pointless? It seems - from my quick survery of only one source - that most apartments are advertised for 20-50 days in advance. So now, mostly for June 1 and July 1.

i'm in the midst of starting to study for my wines final this friday...i wish real wine was part of the exam.

anyone want to join me? anyone? i swear i'll know what wine to pick next year if y'all want my expertise (eeerrr...expertise might be a bit strong)

At what temperature should Champagne be served?

What treaty regulates the designation of sparkling wines (Champagne, Asti, etc ...), and why is the US not abiding by that treaty?

What is the grading scale for Tokaji wines? (hint: it's not stars, but rather ...)

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