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I'm holding on to my job until the 16th. Getting in Philly (and seeing for the first time the appartment I've already rented) on the 25th.

People get over discrimination.  Blacks do not.

Yes, the interned Japanese certainly got over it; they got over it so much that they never asked for and received a formal apology and reparations. Wait ... what? Oh.

And the South has certainly 'gotten over' the civil war. Just visit the really rural parts of Alabama. Or heck, just mention the name Sherman in Georgia. Yeah, these people certainly got over it.

You're very right. Why can Blacks in this country not just 'get over' the fact that they were disenfranchised as a group for roughly 200 years of systeatic and organized oppression. Why can they not also get over the still pervasive racism and discrimination, the same kind that requried a special federal intervention in the 60s to double-garantee the really silly rights they were supposed to already have, like voting. Or the discrimination that makes them more likely to be arrested, and more likely to get convicted, and receive longer sentences for similar crimes. Adn really, really now, why can they just not get over and forget the discrimination that will happen to them in the future. Really, that would just make it much easier for everyone. Well, except them, but who cares. Come on people. I'll oppress you tomorrow, but you should really have gotten over it by now.


General Off-Topic Board / Re: Religion in today's world
« on: July 18, 2007, 10:18:06 PM »
All that is transcendent is explained away.

Yes. Yes it is. So, you're construct is demolished. Boo Hoo.

This is a cold, passionless ideal to believe in

Ideal? WTF? That seems to suggest that the non-believing puppet you're holding up is saying that he is positing an ideal, something that should be. I know no such non-believers; they don't deal in ideals of that sort, but rather try to recognize reality. Big difference. Here's the difference illustrated. My ideal Friday night involves encountering twin Finnish swimsuit models who have a thing for pudgy nerds. The reality is that my Friday will be spent grocery shopping, and I will encounter ugly, fat, and unemployed people. That's not my ideal, but it's much more likely. Is it cold? Yes. Passionless? Yes. But it's real. It's acceptance of the facts and of the observable as real and tangible. What I want and what will happen are different. Now, you want there to be purpose to the universe? Be my guest. But don't confuse your desires with reality. Your desires can be whatever your imagination conceives (you pervert ... no wait, that's me). Your reality should, however, be based on facts and reason.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Religion in today's world
« on: July 18, 2007, 09:52:07 PM »
I'm fine with science and reason, but it is those things (science and reason) that tell us everything must have a source of some kind.  That nothing can come from nothing.  And if that is so, who created science and reason?


Well, maybe I should add that you could at least also point out the problem inherent in that old argument of 'no clock without a clockmaker'. If God is the source of everything, that what is the source of God. AKA the problem of infinite regress. And if you then move on to 'well, God's different. He/She/It has no source', then you're postulating something that violates the very premise you invoked to claim that their was a problem to begin with. That is, nothing comes from nothing, therefore, I must conceptualize something that comes from nothing.

If you want to learn more, please contact your local philosopher.

Oh Canada! / Re: Why should I go to an American school?
« on: July 18, 2007, 05:30:56 PM »
This school charges approx. $23,000US for out of state residents and approx $9,000 for in state residents. Thus making it one of the cheapest law schools in North American if you make residency. So if a Canadian were to go there they would most likely have to pay $23000 their first year, but residency requirements are not hard to meet.

I doubt that this is correct. Having been a student at the University of California, I can tell you from experience that one cannot become a resident for tuition purposes if one is not at least a permanent resident of the US. Thus, I never could qualify. I would presume that FIU works the same way. Check first.

Also, it helps to note that if you do not go to an Ivy league law school then it pays to know how far you law degree will go. What I mean is that if you go to a law school for example in California, people in New york, FLorida, Mass. might not look as highly upon it and will turn to more locally trained lawyers. So be prepared to work even not far from where you obtained your law degree.
This is essentially true, save for the Ivy league part. Replace that with 'T14' or 'National school', and you're correct. And to add precision, beyond the national schools that allow you to work everywhere in the country, there also some good regional schools. For example, BU or BC are probably good anywhere in New England, U of Washington covers the Northwest, and Emory all of the South. If you know which region interests you, you can consider trading rank for scholarships.

Got my bill today. Anyone know why the scholarship is not automatically deducted from the amount due?

I'm in the same boat.  I called Dean Henry and he said he'd try and fix it, but as of this morning it still wasn't fixed.

be sure to check the new activity tab on the page, it shows the updated bill, so the credit might show up on that and not the bill on the first page

Apparently, the quick solution is to do the math yourself (half of what you get for the year), and pay only what you owe. Or, in other words, some unidentified person will fix it at an unspecified future time.
Works for me.

I received a couple of e-mails there, including one from the school.

Got my bill today. Anyone know why the scholarship is not automatically deducted from the amount due?

If you're gullible enough to believe that psychic abilities can be real, you shouldn't go to law school.

Oh Canada! / Re: Why should I go to an American school?
« on: July 12, 2007, 05:22:51 PM »
it is very hard for a Canadian to get 150K+ in loans to attend a U.S institution,

Hell yes. I have 42K in scholarship, and 35K of savings, and it's not yet clear that the bank will agree to 100$CA.

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