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Thomas M. Cooley / Re: Attending Cooley
« on: April 30, 2004, 08:27:37 PM »
Dan, I hear what you're saying and you make a lot of good points about the legal system.  Only in the field of Law is it such a big deal as to what SCHOOL you went to.  Med students graduate from any med school and immediately start practicing medicine at any hospital, regardless if they went to Harvard Med school or Arizona State Med school.  Law should be like that but its not. 

The practice of Law is very cut throat.  The entire profession is based on being better than the next guy.  From that standpoint, you have to conceed that Thomas Cooley law school puts you at a disadvantage in this legal world we live in.  I'm sure that you can succeed and become employed somewhere graduating from Cooley.  According to the new ABA data that was just released, the majority of Cooley graduates did find employment .  However there are still quite a significant % that are unemployed.  I mean can you imagine going through ALL OF THAT to not get a job?

Cooley was founded on the F this legal system philosophy which I can appreciate, however what I don't agree with is how Cooley operates.  Why is 2/3 of the school FIRST YEAR STUDENTS???  That is disturbing. That means that less than half of them are coming back for their 2nd year.  If Cooley really cared about its students then the numbers would reflect that.  Its seems they are welcoming on the admissions end, but then they try to weed out their 1L's.

The bottom line is, you could do all of the things that you stated in your previous post at any other law school.  Especially at a Law School that is not actively trying to weed you out.  I first started applying to law schools 2 years ago, and when i did, Cooley was the only one that my low LSAT score would allow me to enter.  But weighing my options, the reputation of Cooley, and my uncertain future if I attended, I decided to wait for an entire year, retake the LSAT, reapply to law schools for this year, and was accepted at a number of respectable institutions.

All I'm saying is that the easy road is not always the best road.  Good luck to you and to all of us.

Rutgers - Newark / Re: Anyone else here???
« on: April 27, 2004, 06:46:03 PM »
Accepted for this fall!!!

Class of 2007 baby!

Sean -

We are in the same boat, man. I'm 27, an engineering grad, worked as an engineer since I got out of school but felt like conventional engineering for the rest of my life was like the Matrix and I needed to be unplugged and I look at Law School as the red pill.

My GPA, along with the rest of the engineering world, was in the 2's as well.  You will see a lot of BS from Law Schools from that, b/c Law School admissions is very competitive.  Some slack is cut for us engineers though.  And if you can do decent on the LSAT then you should be straight. 

I have two other friends who have done the EXACT same thing. We were all engineers and have all got accepted into law schools and start this fall planning to focus on Patent Law. Our LSAT's range from 152 to 162 and all three of us got accepted to 2nd and 1st Tier law schools so its definitely an option you should look into!

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