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Current Law Students / Re: LSAT
« on: February 08, 2004, 02:19:30 AM »
UGPA usually means Undergraduate Grade Point Average. As far as the GPA but low LSAT score, anything is possible, but try to be realistic as well. I had a high GPA, in the same range as you and an LSAT score that was a bit higher. I started learning that although your grades count a lot, your LSAT is a good indicator of which schools to apply to. If you look at top tier schools, the GPA is in the same range, if not lower than your GPA, yet the LSAT is probably much higher. The schools tend to go off of the LSAT more because its the leveling of the playing field in their minds. Someone could come from Harvard with a 3.0 and someone come from a lower ranked undergrad that has a 3.9, but the LSAT is the standardized test that evens everyone out. So it weighs a lot. But dont give up hope, just ask the schools your thinking about what they believe your odds are, apply to a wide range of schools, and make sure to beef up your application and essay with as much as you can. I have a friend who had my GPA, a higher LSAT score, and came from a high ranked undergrad, and didn't get accepted to any law school, whereas I got into 4 or 5 with scholarships. So, just come to terms with your score and know that it doesnt count you out by any means.

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