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Current Law Students / Re: How many hours a day do you study?
« on: July 28, 2003, 11:21:05 AM »
I disagree with OSU professor.

If JUST ME is in the top 10% of his class, then he shouldn't change his methods. That would be an inefficient use of his time.

That said, I also wonder about the quality of JUST ME's school. I had to work hard to do well my first year, and I don't know anyone who was successful without a lot of effort. But, I didn't study for the sake of study. If I could have cracked the top 10% without cracking a book, I would have been stupid to spend hours in the library anyway. Maybe JUST ME is just a genius -- you can't hold that against him.

JUST ME's study habits aren't poor if they're effective. If I had been in JUST ME's class, I wouldn't have cared if he didn't work hard, and I wouldn't have cared if he was a "parasite". I would have seen that as an advantage for me -- I would have had the same access to class notes that he had AND a deeper understanding from my work outside of class. Often knowledge of cases became a convenient shorthand on the tests -- I didn't have to go into a lengthy black letter explanation of some idea when I could just allude to Asahi, or Tarasoff, or Lee Optical, or whatever, and that saved valuable time.

Just do what you have to do to learn the material. If you can absorb it through osmosis like JUST ME, you're really lucky, if you have to work hard, then work hard. You're not in class to impress your peers or to impress your professor; you're in class to learn the law. That's all that matters.

I don't see why it's not possible that JUST ME could turn out to be an exceptional lawyer. But, then, I don't have OSU Professor's experience. If OSU professor is right, that just goes to show how ridiculous and arbitrary the whole system is . . . a bunch of parasites in the top 10% like JUST ME who are aparently destined to be bad lawyers will be working for Ropes & Gray while the ethical plodding bottom half of the class make ends meet at temp agencies . . .

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