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Ohio State U / Well Rounded Law School
« on: July 24, 2003, 04:25:20 AM »
For anyone debating which law school to attend, I want to let you know just how great OSU is.  The professors are truly dedicated to teaching and are always there for students who need help academically or even personally.  Additionally, we continue to hire one prestigious professor after another.  The students are relatively nice for law students - not too hypercompetitive, and seem to really support each other.  At OSU, we value academic excellence, but there is a nice balance.  People are always going out for drinks or playing intramural sports or getting together to watch Friends.  And even though we are part of the largest university in the country, we get individualized attention.   We have our own admissions office, registrar's office, and placement office who go above and beyond every single day.  At the same time, we have all the great benefits of a huge university - endless recreation facilities, tons of student groups, and of course, Buckeye football.  So I know this was a little long, but I just wanted to convey how much we love our law school!

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