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Her studying for the MCATs full time would be good, but it would also be a giant pain in the ass in that she'd be totally broke. I'm almost certain she could get a work visa in Palm Springs, but there are no law schools nearby.

I'm not delaying a year, not a chance of that.

How hard would it be for me to get American citizenship once I have my student visa?

The MCATs are only offered twice a year and she hasn't prepared for them, so she can't write them in august. Soonest she could write is April of next year and that's too late to apply for next year.

Wonder if it's at all possible for her to work for a Canadian consulate somewhere...

anod our solution to that has been to look at cities with numerous law schools and med schools (NYC, DC, Boston, Chicago mainly). I'd really like to stay down in the states after graduation (coming back to Canada to practice is a huge pain).

I just spoke with her, she's obviously not too happy about this. Really at a loss as to what to do, she's even talking about giving up on medicine and writing the LSATs and going in to law (would not suit her at all).

This is not making me happy at all...

Ouch, that pretty much kills all hope. What about her coming as a student then. Is there something like the one year masters programs we have here? I know that there are few terminal masters programs, but is there some kind of school she could do?

This looks like it will be a huge headache...

If she's just your girlfriend she will need her employer to sponsor her, depending on the kind of work she does and the kind of place she wants to work, that can be either very easy or very difficult.  If she can't find a place that will sponsor her H-1 visa, you can get engaged or married... if it's just an engagement I believe there's a time limit of like 6 mo that they give you before it expires and you would have to get married - if you get married (new hubby and i have just gone through this) you file some paperwork saying that you want to sponsor her based on marriage... the only prob is you're supposed to be making enough money to support her (HHS says 125% of the poverty level) and I'm not sure if you're going to be pulling that off while you're a law student but if she makes enough money and you've lived together for 6 mo before you file your forms, then her income could be included in that calculation...

Honestly, the easiest way for her to stay would be student status I believe, but that doesn't seem like it fits her plans...

It's all a pain in the ass and I hope it works out for you... feel free to ask me if you have any questions...

That is a pain, because I have no idea what law school I want to go to, she hasn't written the MCATs yet and therefore can't do med school. I'm not familiar with the terminology you used, but how hard would it be to get an employer to sponsor her? For example, she has an uncle who owns a medium sized law firm in California. Could he sponsor her for the summer, have her be his secretary and then, puff, she quits and moves somewhere with me? Would she still be entitled to work?

For that matter, could he sponsor me so I could work for his firm summer before 1L? If we were engaged, would that grant her a work Visa? What if we were married?

I just want to confirm my original post was clear. I am a Canadian and so is she, we do not have dual citizenship (actually she does with Britain, but that's useless here).

Does anyone know how easy this would be? Could my girlfriend get a work Visa in the states while I'm at law school? Would we need to be engaged? Married? Does she have to have a job first?

Basically she wants to go to Med School in the states, but take a year off and work first so her last year's grades go out with her application. She'll also use that time to study for the MCAT. But without a work Visa she can't work in the states. Does anyone know how this would work?

So it wouldn't have to be a tier 1 to transfer to a T14 then? Would it matter if I was at a tier 1? With my LSAT I'm sure I can get in to a tier 1 and will apply to some T14s, but gpa kills my chances at most. I also wrote the LSAT twice and didn't do well the first time (161/170) because I had to get up at 4am to catch a plane flight to take the test. I'm going to include an addendum to all the schools I'll apply to, but I'm taking an extra hard look at the top schools that take your highest LSAT (Cornell, NW, G'Town).

I really want to graduate from a T14, largely because I want to teach law after practicing for a while. I know it's not the be all and end all of the world, but I really would like to. I am certain to get in to a tier 1, but my gpa really hurts my chances at T14. I also wrote the LSAT twice (161/170) but I had to travel and incredible distance to get to the test the first time. I intend to include an addendum to every school I apply to explaining this, but pretty much any T14 that doesn't just look at highest LSAT is out (that leaves Cornell, GW, and NW, Columbia is out of my league).

n any case, does anyone have a link for this yahoo groups site? I refuse to look at xoxo, but would be interested in more information.

It seems to be the consensus that a T14 is not very likely with my GPA but I really want to graduate from a T14 school. So the question then becomes just how easy is it to transfer to a T14? Could I pick a school for next year with the intention of transferring after first year? What kind of a school would I need to be going to in order to transfer to a T14? Would it have to be tier 1? Would I need to be in the top 5%? Top 10%? Have to be on law review? Could I just go fishing for a full scholarship, go to some ridiculous school and then transfer?

Does anyone have any solid info about transferring (to Boalt in particular)?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Does ED Make it Easier to Get In?
« on: August 03, 2005, 02:53:22 PM »
Maybe I should email G'Town and ask. I need to make sure they take your highest LSAT anyways, otherwise it would be a real reach. Cornell likes ED applicants? That would be the only other choice for me to ED at, for me Cornell and G'town are like 1 and 1a.

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