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Current Law Students / Re: lsat
« on: July 29, 2005, 12:15:18 PM »
my advice is to take the LSAT a couple more times. at the rate you're improving you'll get a perfect score next spring.  ;D

Really, drugs ARE suicide . . . in a way

Not that I'm an addict or anything but jesus, are most people in LS this square? Really though, not that I would suggest using drugs to "cope" with things, but "drugs" (whatever that even means-caffeine, beer, prozac, crank, smack...they certainly aren't the same things) are no more suicide than eating poorly, not exercising, or a host of other "unhealthy" things most people do all the time.

i was wondering the same thing. and no, most law students at my law school aren't this square. there's just as much drinking and drug use as at any college...

Incoming 1Ls / Re: I have read 5 E&Es - questions?
« on: July 29, 2005, 12:07:08 PM »
I have a good question:

What's an "E&E"?

This guy has the right idea.  Well played, my good man.

Now, to the person who has already started typing up responses to the Examples in the E&E, as I have said previously, STOP IMMEDIATELY.  E&E's are for exam prep, not general understanding.  If you already look at and ponder the examples, they will be useless as an academic exercise come exam time.  Knowing the answer to a hypothetical is completely pointless.  The utility comes in the exercise of trying to organize your knwoledge into a coherent response.  That's why the examples are there, not to get an answer for tis one specific fact pattern.  If you must read something ahead of time in order to sleep at night, read the nutshell series or something.   

I just have to add my $.02 because the stuff i'm reading on this thread is getting insane. i'm a rising 2L and i was terrified at this time a year ago, worrying and going nuts about how i'd handle law school.

reading e&es in advance is a lousy idea. will you glean something? uh, sure. but they are called "supplements" for a good reason. i bought an e$e for almost every subject and it usually helped a lot, but only as a supplement. instead of reading e&es over the summer if you feel you have to do something, go to court every day and sit through morning calendar and trials and jury selection and talk to attorneys about what's happening. and watch paper chase and legally blonde 1 and 2.

making outlines after reading E&Es is not only a bad idea, it's a total waste of time. your e&e-based outline will end up in the garbage by the time you start outlining for finals. you have no idea what your professor will be teaching. every professor at every school is different and spends differing amounts of time on different things. when i talked to my friends in other sections that each of us would often mention what we were doing, and it barely resembled contracts, torts, or civ pro, even though we all took the same subjects.

please, for the love of god, just stop making your outlines. the best advice i got for how to prepare from law school was from an attorney friend who said "sorry if this sounds new age-y but the best thing you can do is clear your mind and get your life in order--have some fun, read books, see a movie every day, get drunk 4 nights a week...whatever gets you going because leisure time will slowly start evaporating once the semester starts"

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