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I'm suggesting that the law in NY most likely allows for a "drop dead" letter like the law in GA.  (If that isn't so, show me where it is.  I gave the OP a place to look it up).  That law allows you to tell a collection agency to drop dead, i.e. don't contact me anymore.  A collection agency can't make a negative report to your credit.  Only the original creditor can.

You are out of your mind if you think your credit report will be better off after bankrupcy compared to having one creditor report a deliquent account.  One deliquent account ona report is pretty compared to a chp 13.  Bankruptcy means No car loans, no mortgage loans, no credit cards, no leases, must pay utility deposits...etc.  It's absolutely moronic to suggest bankrupcy unless we're talking about a serious debt to income ratio.  Which, in this case, we just don't know.

It would be nice to know what the OP's girlfriend's income is and her total debt. Bankruptcy may be the solution...but I doubt it.  If she went to a CC service, and they didn't suggest Bankruptcy, she's not insolvent. Rather, she's just "down on her luck."

Ozz...You are obviousy upset because my answer was smarter than yours.  It's okay...I'm older.  I'm supposed to know these things.

"Still, it's a serious consideration either way"

"Assuming she's already contacted the creditor or if it's a collection agency the collection agency to work something out, if you got creditors 24/7 that's exactly when you consider bankruptcy."

Try to read my posts, please. I never said it's the only option, far from it, but it's a consideration. Note the word CONSIDER.

The tidbit about negotiating right before collection is helpful, by the way, and most people don't know it. Always try to negotiate before you hit collection.

The thing about Debt Consolidation is while it doesn't reduce your FICO score (bankruptcy will trash your FICO), it's generally noted on your report so you might get hurt on some loans. But yes, of course it's preferable to Bankruptcy unless you're living in penury.

"Ozz...You are obviousy upset because my answer was smarter than yours.  It's okay...I'm older.  I'm supposed to know these things."

Try not to talk down to people, thanks. I'm generally not obnoxious until other people are, I'd appreciate it if you weren't. The only thing being older means is you'll likely be dead sooner than me. HTH

Holly Cow!!! Hold on there a second. 

Bankruptcy????  I don't think there are enough facts here to suggest bankruptcy is the proper course of action.  That kind of solution is a last resort.

The first thing I would do is contact a local consumer advocate.  In Atlanta, we have a guy named Clark Howard.  Start as his website, and see if he can point you in the right direction in your area.  If that is too specific... then go to the home page here:

My guess is that you probably don't need to contact a lawyer at all for this one.  You are most likely protected by the same laws we have in GA, whereby the creditor can't harrass you once you send them a "drop dead" letter.  Read all about it on Clark's web site.  In a state/City as forward thinking as NY, I'm sure you have similar protections.

Determine if the person harassing you is the actual creditor or a collection agency.  If it is a collection agency, then you have rights and you will find them through Clark's site above, or he will lead you to the source of info for your state.  If it is the actual creditor, then call them directly.  Get someone in charge on the phone...someone who has decision making ability.  Explain your situation, but most importantly, explain that you want to pay something, and that you would like to work out a plan.

My guess, however, is that you are being harassed by a collection agency, and basically, you can tell them to F.O.

Bankruptcy sticks with you for SEVEN years - be very careful before taking this road.  In essence, all her assets become the property of the court apointed trust in bankrupcy.  It's a nasty business.

Keep us posted as to what steps you take, and what happens.

You're suggesting telling collection agents to piss off as better than bankruptcy...... riiiiiight. You're credit rating will definitely hit the skids on that one, whether it's legal or not. GA is not NY. Laws differ, a lot.

Assuming she's already contacted the creditor or if it's a collection agency the collection agency to work something out, if you got creditors 24/7 that's exactly when you consider bankruptcy. Try and negotiate before it hits collection. That's when you have the most wiggle room, most places will take 30 cents on the dollar then. They get 10 cents on the dollar from collection agencies.

Not all assets are liquidated. Read the law. Ch. 13 excludes property. It's different than Ch 7. Not saying it's the ideal solution, but a consideration. Some people want to pay off their debts until they're living in a van down by the river rather than file for Ch 13, which is ridiculous.

YES Speakerdave, I can count on you to give me advice.  Well, here goes.  3.28 (3.22 at time of apps)/ 165 poli sci major from UCLA
IN: USD, McGeorge (w/ money, withdrawn), Cal Western ($, withdrawn), Whittier (Withdrawn, $), ASU, UNLV (w/ $), Chapman (withdrawn), Temple ($)

Pending: Loyola (not really counting on it, cause idiot me applied two weeks ago!), Santa Clara, Thomas Jefferson (wouldn't go), Minnesota, U San Francisco

Anyways, I guess the desire to wait would be so I can apply to the higher rung of Cali Schools (UC Hastings and Davis).  That highest rung (Boalt, Stanford, USC, UCLA) I have no shot at, but I might have a shot at the other UCs, who knows.  The other school I'd hope for is Loyola, by applying early.  But otherwise, the good Cali school is USD, and I got in there.  So maybe it would be a bit risky to apply next year, cause UC Davis an d Hastings would be iffy with my numbers.

I am just frustrated cause USD didn't give me any money, and I was really hoping they would!  People with my numbers have gotten good money from Loyola, but this late in the game I doubt I'll get anything, much less an acceptance.  Thus I am quite frustrated.

You're probably going to get dinged at all the UC's. They're all very GPA heavy. But I do think you applied to schools that are mostly a tier below where you should've.

You really got hosed this admissions cycle though, badly since you applied to T3's when you should've applied to more T2's and some T1's. I'm guessing you applied to LS before you received your LSAT score, right? I feel your pain. You should've applied to different law schools. Then again, I should've too. At least you applied to Minn though. I got fee waivers from every school in the Midwest except Iowa(Wisc, IU-B,UIUC,Minn) and didn't apply to any of them. Now that's pretty stupid on my part. I could be going to a 1st tier law school if I wasn't a jackass and hadn't applied to all the wrong ones. So, I can certainly commiserate.

I thought about reapplying after retaking the LSAT myself, seeing as a point or two higher would probably put me into way better LS's, but then I just accepted the fact the world will continue to conspire against me and I may as well take what I can while the offer's good.

Great thread . . .

I have also almost reached that "zen" level of letting go of the stress.  I just keep reminding myself that I am into a couple and will go to a good school.  Also does anyone out there remember stressing about college?  I don't even clearly remember my thought process for why I decided to apply to my college early decision (other than I only wanted to write one essay!)

It really does all work out in the end whatever people choose.  Also glad to hear that the girl a few posts earlier chose Hastings . . . am in the process of looking into deferring a year because my bf and I did not get into programs in the same cities (we are both waitlisted at schools in the city where the other is into programs).  I am willing to bet you will be happier in SF.

My college decision was way easier. I could only afford 2(9) schools I was admitted to. Considering I only liked one of the two, that made the choice easier.

Hi all, I need some help. Thanks for all who can direct me to the right place.

My girlfriend has some debt problems. The creditors are calling on a daily basis and harassing us. She was using a debt consolodation service and everything was going fine. However, due to a clerical error, the service neglected to pay one of the companies she owes money to, and that company subsequently severed the relationship with her debt consolodation company.

She is trying to get back on the debt consolodation service but is getting many conflicting answers as to why the creditor will not accept a new proposal.

We need to find a public interest law firm that will make her aware of/help protect her rights as a debtor and also inform her of the creditor's legal responsibilities to their debtors.

Does anyone know a firm we can go to that provides this type of legal service at a low cost? We have very little money, and barely have enough to keep us going. Bills are due and the debt keeps piling up.

Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Not exactly an expert but my fair share of relatives were in the same predicament. She should probably just declare bankruptcy. If I remember correctly most debt consolidation firms ARE non-profit. And, no I doubt you're getting a lawyer to do a bankruptcy proceeding pro bono. But since you're a pretty smart guy, I think you could manage to file a chapter 13 petition in bankruptcy court (provided she works, a requirement for Ch 13) yourself. If memory serves the cost to file is around $150. Google chapter 13 and bankruptcy law.

Bankruptcy will put the kibosh on her credit rating for quite awhile though, but not as long as most people think. Still, it's a serious consideration either way.

I left my disability completely off my app.  I know some people choose to use it when they've overcome it with good grades, but even so I felt like I'd be better off not letting schools know about my health problems, out of fear that the admissions people would do me a "favor" by not admitting me into a stressful school. . .

Yeah, me too. They didn't accomodate me for my disability in UG either, maybe they should adjust my GPA to compensate. They insisted on my attending class sober. Those bastards didn't understand the nature of my horrible affliction, alcoholism.

I'm in a particular situation with my personal statement.  I'm wondering if I should include my sexuality, and the face that I'm gay as a key focus of it.  I think that I probably should, because as a result of being removed from my household in my first year of university my marks suffered notably.  Through hard work, the building of confidence, and friends I was able to get my average back up to an A-A+ level.  Is it wise to focus my personal statement around this aspect of my life?  I'm thinking of applying to Columbia, Yale, NYU, Princeton, and Harvard, and am not sure how they'd respond to such facts.  

I welcome any suggestions.

Problem #1 Princeton doesn't have a Law School. You do know this is a law board, right? Or is this flamebait?

Problem #2

Personally, I don't think anyone reads the goddamned things.

I wrote an essay about all the charity work I did in UG that would make grown men cry and a supplemental statement that was basically about why I wanted to go into public interest law (which went into my backgrounds/obstacles). It didn't help an iota at any of my target schools. The first draft of PS that was the worst, the one where I misspelled my name, and the name of the school. The school this was submitted to was one of the schools that offered me a large scholarship.

Problem #3 I wouldn't write about being gay unless you've been involved in activities related to the cause ie: LGBT or stuff like that. If you have EC's or WE that might be a plus, but if you're just writing an essay about how gay you are, to be honest, who cares? Sorry but "my marks were low that one term because I'm gay" is quite possibly the worst essay topic and excuse in recorded history.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: LSAT 163 = IQ 132
« on: April 19, 2004, 07:43:57 PM »
Well, we're certainly going off topic here, but I'll throw in the embarrassing fact that Bush failed to gain attendance to ANY law school, inspite of his parent's DEEP ties to Yale.  His ancestors include members of Skull and Bones, and members of the executive board of the university for god's sake!  And I believe he predominantly scored the "gentleman's C" in both undergrad and grad school, which essentially shows that he was in class and did nothing to deeply offend his professors. 

Gore also pulled his fair share of C's in Harvard UG, than managed to flunk out of Vandy divinity (a task so colossally difficult as to be unthinkable), than took a leave of absence from Vandy Law. Gore only got into Vandy Law because of the half dozen or so alumni in his family and his father (a Tennessee senator's) strong pull in Tennessee. He pulled pretty awful grades in LS before taking a leave of absence to run for office.

Remember, Al Gore is the same moron who claimed to have invented the internet. Let's be fair here. I hate Bush, but it's not like all the Dems are rocket scientists.

Bradley, despite being a Rhodes Scholar, pulled an SAT score of less than 1000, which should make him functionally retarded.

Dood, you guys need to check out some of the people who were recently waitlisted at UCLA

  poopy    169   3.42   X   7   Waitlisted   01/13/04   02/10/04   04/07/04
  Christine03    177   3.46   X   3   Waitlisted      12/12/03   04/15/04
  sophie13    169   3.55   X   2   Waitlisted         
  Casedork    168   3.55   X   6   Waitlisted   01/26/04   02/25/04   04/09/04
  wintergirl    161   4.13   X      Waitlisted         
  preppykc    165   3.69   X   2   Waitlisted         04/15/04
  asriyal    166   3.66   X   1   Waitlisted   12/04/03   03/04/04   04/05/04
  daniel    163   3.85   X      Waitlisted         
  tiyo    170   3.10   X   1   Waitlisted         
  bigswingface    171   3.55   X   3   Waitlisted   

what the hell??? those numbers are pretty good...i hate UCLA. i have to admit tho that much of my hate stems from being waitlisted too. hahaha

UCLA is the most GPA-heavy school in the first tier. It's 50% or more GPA. The numbers aren't too surprising in light of that. Out-of-state admissions to UC's are a definite crapshoot, regardless though.

UC's evaluate UG grade inflation too in several tiers. Yale and Yeshiva are the 2 most grade-inflated UG's (their average GPA hovers around 3.4 or more) so they subtract points from their GPA (see Montauk's How to Get into LS) whereas several private schools actually ADD points to their GPA based on "UG Prestige". So many of the folks that have inflated GPA's get taken down a peg by the UC's. God, I love the way the UC admissions system has the guts to stand up against grade inflation.

Law School Admissions / Re: Email acceptance
« on: April 15, 2004, 08:06:41 PM »
Brooklyn e-mailed my admission offer before the letter. That's the only school I applied to that did so.

I think Duke e-mails too, but I didn't apply there, I've just heard it from others.

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