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What are you opinions? How easy is it to get access to the gym, and how much is the gym fees, or is it taken directly out of the Activity Fees?

Current Law Students / Re: Univ of Pittsburgh
« on: June 29, 2005, 06:32:08 AM »
thanks a lot for the info. I am attracted to it exactly because of the low cost of living as well as the Summer at Sea Law Program.

Current Law Students / Univ of Pittsburgh
« on: June 27, 2005, 08:04:07 AM »
Does anyone have any info about this school. I know its ranked 52nd, and for some strange reason I seem to dig it. Is their degree well respected?

thanks Coregram and Van Buren.

1. Is the Loans really worth it?

2. How does repayment plans impact ones lifestyle after law school?

3. How does 1L and full time work go.

4. What is the usual number of classes taken per semester?

5. Do you have to take the Bar exam in every state you want to practice in?

Much thanks in advance. Pardon the stupid questions.

Can you jump into my body and take this lsat for me? thanks for the help. I do appreciate it.

ok, i'm vaguely getting this. how about shooting down no 7 for me. much thanks.

c'mon guys, I'm desperate here. :-[

Exactly 3 employees of Capital Enterprises-Maria, Suki and Tate-attend a 3 day conference together. Each day, there are exactly 3 sessions on the 3 topics of the conference- one on hiring, one on investing, and one on regulations. The following rules govern the conference.

Each conference participant attends exactly 2 sessions, which are on different topics and on different days.
Neither maria nor suki attends any session on investing.
Tate does not attend any session on the 3rd day.
At most 2 capital employees attend any given session together.

6. What is the maximum number of sessions attended by at least one capital employees?
A. 3

7. Which of the followinig must be false
a. maria attends sessions only on the first 2 days
b. suki attends sessions only on the last two days
c. exactly two capital employees attend a session together on the second day.
d. exactly one session is attended by one or more capital employees on the second day.
e. exactly 3 sessions are attended by one or more capital employees on the third day..


E is correct. Don't let the "If 8th--> then O" rule fool you. It does NOT mean "If O --> then 8th" Just because we know O discovers the site doesn't mean it must be from the 8th century. It could be from the 9th century too but not the 10th.So O in the 2 slot is ok. The 3 site is from the 10th century which makes it more recent than 1 or 4. Also 4 and 5 aren't discovered by 0, so this answer is good to go.

The above is what defeated me. I couldn't even move past the first question.

Much Thanks.

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