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Meta Discussion / Secrets of XOXO use
« on: May 03, 2005, 01:21:07 PM »
The other day I was talking with Fat Charlie. Alluva sudden he started breathing real hard, real heavy. "I can feel the sickness closing in," he said. We got in the car and drove fast to see Dr. Benton. "Come on Doc I need the junk quick" said Fat Charlie. "Look I am very serious I am not innarested in your methadone or apomorphine I am a very sick man and need nothing but some pure 100% smack or barring that some morphine will do." Doc gave him the eye (You know how Drs. can be with their power trips) and said "Look here son I cannot write you a prescription for heroin or even morphine that is not in my jurisdiction." Of course I do not need to say that Fat Charlie and myself were extremely upset by such as this statement. "Look here Sir," I said very hoity-toity "If you do not mean to comply I can take my business elsewhere Good Day Sir." The Doctor frowned at this as he could see that I was not one to be messed with. "Alright boys I can't give you what you are asking for but here is some advice for free. Get yourselves over to a computer where you can direct yourselves to You will soon be quite free of the junk as we have found that this autoadmit is quite an acceptable substitute. You may have heard of it by its street name of xoxohth." We left this Dr. Benton quite soon afterword and thankfully found ourselves some heroin. Several days later when we were broke I turned on the screen and took the good Dr's advice. Well at first I could not see what the attraction was but soon I was using every day. Maybe it is a little seedy but there is no substitute for that pure XOXO, I can tell you. PURE XO! NOTHING  LIKE  IT!!! MIX IT IN WATER AND PUT IT IN YOUR BLOOD! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! CHEAP! YOU WON'T GET HOOKED! (hahaha I thought to myself actually you will... but I just tell people they won't) PUT IT INNA SYRINGE AND SHOOT IT INTO YR EYES!!! It changes your life and that is no joke. I am sorry to say that some people look down on XO users but this is their loss as we know the truth and the truth is good. Some people say XO use is DEGENERATE. I can GUARANTEE you that nothing is further from the truth! Sadly there are some elements of our society that are not all that tolerant. I will admit that XO is not for everyone and that some people may not be able to handle it. To those people I say nothing because I don't have to talk to that sort of person if I don't want to. LALALALALAAAA. My goodness gracious I have spent enough time on the internet today it is time to help myself out by shooting a grain of the good lord's habit right into my goddam arm. As Fat Charlie used to say "If the Good Lord made anything better he kept it for himself." I used to only feel that way about junk but now XOXO holds a similar place in my heart. Thank You.   

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