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me too. along with other real estate concerns - land use planning, property development. where are you going or where are you planning to go?

the title of this thread really sums up my life these days. stats would have me believe that i'm in good shape to get admitted to at least one of my schools. but with no acceptance letter in my hand yet (in fact, no news of any kind yet), i spend a lot of time wondering " law school a reality?"

i'm 30. i graduated from Pitt in 1997. i have professional experience in closed-caption editing, library acquisitions, innkeeping, and even a bit of event lighting (go steelers!). that pretty much sums up what makes me non-trad.

i've been assisting in my family's country inn business for the past few years, clearing as much debt as possible, preparing for new debt, and preparing for law school. no news yet, but the end (of waiting) is nigh!

hats off to returning students. it can be a bit of a cold bath when you've been out of academia for a few years or more, or still even MORE! respect to the men and women out there raising kids, putting others through school, and now yourselves. good luck!

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