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Congrats my brotha'.

I heard - year of residency to include DL, voting, car registration, etc.

Are you a Temple definite?


i'm confuse, can we get instate tutition?  Temple looks good...but my heart is still at wisc and I cant give up on Rugters instate tutition.

I interpret you to be saying you are turning down Wisconsin for Rutgers, because of tuition.

If this is the case, unless you are married with kids and have extenuating circumstances, rethink this move.  Wisconsin a much much better school.  Adding in cost of living for three years, plus the cost of tuition at rutgers vs. Wisconsin, the price is a nominal percentage.  The advantage of wisconsin is large.

After working in DC for a while it is obvious that connections mean a whole lot more than where you go to school.  All things equal you are at an advantage going to an Ivy or another prestigious school. People take those people more seriously when just looking at a resume.  But they would rather take someone who was recommended to them or who worked for this Senator or that Congressman, rather than some Stanford Law grad who has no govt experience or connections. There are plenty of people working in legal positions here in town that went to not so prestigious schools but are making a lot more than T-15 or T-20 law school grads simply because they know or campaigned for the right people. 

What a load.  This is only true for lobbying firms, which aren't law firms, though many are owned by law firms.  For practicing attorney's this is not the case.  Nobody cares what Senator you interned for in college.

go ask someone on law forum.  Lots of 170 plus people there.

Also, try posting on the admitted students board here, where people with actual experience are looking.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: LSAT - more than twice?!
« on: May 13, 2005, 09:41:57 AM »
I heard that if you have three scores, they will all be averaged regardless of point increases (not counting outdated scores).  Can anyone confirm or deny this?


There are no "rules" per se.  People need to stop looking for universal truths.  Short and simple - if you think you can substantially beat your previous score, go for it.  If you're previous score is below 150 go for it no matter what and try to get into an accredited school.

Some schools average, some don't.  Some weight the higher score more heavily, some don't.  Some take highest score with an 8-point spread, some don't.  What if you hace an 8-point spread on three tests, all going up?  who knows, but clearly you're better off with that third score.

That said, don't fool yourself that you're going to walk in and nail it like you've never nailed it on a practice.  If you can't beat the score in practice, odds are you won't hit the score on the test.

Looking at it realistically, if I go to Pitt vs. Toledo and pay out-of-state tuition for 3 years, I will rack up about 45k more. However, I figure my earning power is so much higher coming out of Pitt. Their median salary is 105k vs. 55k at Toledo. I think it would overall be the better investment. Any opinions?

send pitt a deposit as fast as possible.

I prefer the grass roots approach...a coke can, some tin foil, an earring stud, and a lighter. And of course, some Bob Marley playing in the background.  ;)

Don't you know that causes alzheimers?  that said, we used to whip those up in emergencies and joke we wouldn't have any brain cells left by then anyway.

I do have to say that this is more entertaining than the stuff I have to deal with on the music forum I participate in.  One discussion a few weeks ago was "I think you are an meanie because you love this Grateful Dead side project more than the one I like". 

There was also the "Telling someone to STFU is just wrong".

Both were hilarious. 

I am waiting for "Bongs vs. Pipes: Rolling papers are for jerks"


lol--i think our little thread here needs to be moved to the "off topic" discussion board.

start the bongs vs pipes thread--counterpoint and i will get it rolling (harhar) by insulting each other.

Anyone who says rolling papers are for jerks just can't roll a decent cone.  It's an art, and I am an artist.  or at least i was.  *sigh*  outgrew it as a priority.

I got the message on my answering machine last night! They are a top choice for me, but I'm worried about the finances. I hear it's difficult to achieve residency in PA. Does anyone have some info on this? I really, really want to go there, but not at nearly 30K for 3 years.

congrats.  in the end, paying more money stinks, but unless it's a free ride or something, it shouldn't be deciding factor.  over course of your life an extra 20K isn't much (assume in-state for 2L and 3L would knock about 10K per year off?).

this could be a naive question.

but what is the substantial difference between the two? longer promising.



I only speak from limited experience from lawyers I know. Whether all operate this way, I can't tell you. Like I said, though, get good grades, make law review, get some great clerkships/internships, and it won't matter where you went to school.

There's a substantive difference between a T3 that's never been out of T3 and a T2.

and syracuse was T3 last year? I have no idea about last year's rankings.


Also, I was wondering..the T3 that i am very interested in has a great alumni and strong job placement. Much better than the T2 school I like.

As long as the metrics you're using to determine the stronger job placement and alumni base are accurate, then by all means go with the T3.  I can certainly think of many situations where this would make the most sense.  However, if they both serve the same region, I would presumptively disagree.

Itís pathetic how this tool (CounterPoint) hurries to my thread to defend himself whenever someone calls him on his bull; notice how he desperately tries to maintain a just image over the internet lol.

It's telling that this loser fails to address the substance of my declarations of his loserdom (again, note:  not "arguments") and tries to gloss over them with ad hominem attacks against me, for simply pointing out how pathetic his behavior is.  I like the part where he switches from bragging about his pathetic behavior, to trying to deemphasize it, once he realizes that nobody is all that impressed with his strange measures of self-worth.

Wit may be a fashionable substitute for intelligence, but unfortunately you appear to lack both.  HTH

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