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Canadian Law Students / Re: Queen's/McGill reputation and other questions
« on: November 14, 2005, 06:04:31 PM »
Thanks a lot for everyone's comments! This thread was dead for a while so I didn't bother checking upon it until now. It really helps to know what other people think.

I have decided to postpone my LSAT until next year so I can give myself a better chance and also be certain to finish my Ph.D (otherwise all these years of suffering would be for nothing).

Queen's Engineering Faculty has the policy of not converting percentage grades to GPAs for any reason on its transcripts, so right now I don't yet know what my LSDAS GPA would be. I don't even remember my exact cumulative grade (it's been years...), but my class ranking was around 17/100, which isn't brilliant but it was good enough for grad school. It IS true that engineering grad school isn't very difficult to get into.

Which leads to why I was wondering about whether a Ph.D. counts much on my application at all. I myself is rather pessimistic about this. It's probably because I have a pessimistic view on the value of my Ph.D. ::)

There aren't many people out there in the same situation so I guess the only way to find out is to actually try. Thanks again for everyone's comments. Gillesthegreat, keep us posted on your application process, and good luck with finishing up your degree - I know how it feels!!

Canadian Law Students / Queen's/McGill reputation and other questions
« on: September 27, 2005, 10:11:32 PM »
I did my undergrad at Queen's, and I'm currently trying to finish a Ph.D. in engineering at McGill. Needless to say engineering is not working out for me (otherwise I wouldn't be on this board)... I have two questions about applying to law school in the U.S.:

(1) I have read many times that the reputation of Queen's cannot compare to McGill in the U.S. (don't I wish I knew this in highschool). So would doing a grad degree at a known university somewhat offset the disadvantage of an undergrad at an unknown university on my application?

(2) I know this has been brought up before, but does grad school experience count at all in the soft factors? Would a Ph.D. in engineering at McGill at least count for a bit of something...?

All this stems from my insecurities about my undergrad performance. It was not quite spectacular. In addition, I'm taking the December LSAT which will make my application very late. Just wondering if I have some advantage in my background at all...

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Help! No improvement in AR after 20 PrepTests
« on: September 27, 2005, 08:58:19 PM »
Thanks for everyone's advice for me! (I posted with under different user name before because I was having an LSAT panic attack and couldn't remember my usual user name. :-\)

I've been frustrated with the games so I did ten games sections in a row in one day, and saw zero improvement. Now I realize from reading your comments that this was very stupid to do, and LSAT is simply not a test I can cram this way. I'll go over the same questions again and also look into the Big Fat Genius book.

I was planning to take the test in October but decided to defer to December. I know that means I'll be applying very late, but what can I say, I'm simply not ready. Got no one to blame but myself for slacking off all summer.

That's a great relief to hear. I did call LSAC last week but the person who spoke to me didn't have a clue about the Canadian system and wouldn't let me explain anything. She said the U.S. conversion system is "fair" and must be followed. Thanks a lot for your information - sounds like I still have hope! I will send in my transcript and see.

Thanks for your reply! I understand that if my transcript shows both letter and percentage grades, then the GPA will be calculated using only the letter grades. But my transcript ONLY shows percentage grades. My faculty refuses to issue letter grades. So according to LSDAS's scale, I would only have something like a 2.5 GPA (my cumulative average is in the high 70s). Is there no way of getting around this?

Canadian Law Students / Canadian percentage grade to GPA conversion problem
« on: February 03, 2005, 04:25:11 PM »
Is there anyone else around here who ran into major problems when their undergrad percentage grades in Canada got converted into a GPA according to LSDAS's scale?

I did my undergrad at Queen's University in electrical engineering. My cumulative average is in the high 70s, and I ranked about 20 out of 100. My transpcript only shows percentage grades, not letter ones. I'm thinking of applying to both U.S. and Canadian law schools. According to LSDAS's guidline, my percentage grade would convert only to a 2-point-something GPA, which is horribly low by U.S. standards. Queen's Applied Science Faculty absolutely refuses to convert my percentage grades to letter grades on my transcript.

What makes this even worse is that Queen's DOES issue letter grades for non-engineering students. So my GPA would look really bad on the LSDAS report compared to other Queen's applicants.

Has anyone else ran into a similar problem? Would anyone really care to read an addendum explaining this if my GPA is so low? I'm not exactly aiming for Harvard or Yale, but I won't even try applying to law schools if I can't get into a reasonable one.

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