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Ah, LSD. Haven't posted on here in a while.

Returning to see if there are any summer starters posting who are looking for a place over the summer. I have a pretty nice place just two blocks from the law school. Message me for details if you're interested!

Does anyone know of any decent dog parks in Ann Arbor?

I don't, but I know Jolie will know. Haven't heard from her in a while...might try sending her a PM.

especially when he ends his classes early and does the same standup routine day after day after day

Do I know you? You are far too jaded to be anything other than a summer starter...  (Oh, and I totally agree.)

I got a call saying that my tickets were returned (I had moved), so I gave them the new address and the tickets came two days later.

Ah, I've been meaning to ask you about this.. I'll have to call them tomorrow and see what they say.

o what about commercial outlines? Anybody planning on picking up some? Already know which ones are considered the best for each subject?

It's a beautiful day outside. Go take a walk. Have a drink. Do something fun, and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Worry about outlines in November.

I mean it. :-)

Really?  People stand for the whole game?

Well, there are timeouts. Sometimes people sit down for those late in the game, if it's a blowout.

Who understands exactly which seat cushions are allowed into the football stadium and which aren't?

Um, sorry... But there is no sitting in the student section. I suppose you could, but I doubt you'll be able to see, because everybody else is standing. :-)

33 days and counting!!

I've been trying to pick up raquetball too. Played a couple times in the last few weeks. Shoot me a msg if you guys want to play sometime.

How to fake being a Michigan football fan in six easy phrases:

1. "This year is our year."
2. "Mike Hart is the man."
3. "If Chad Henne doesn't step it up a little..." (best when coupled with either an angry fist shake or a sad head shake)
4. "Don't get me wrong, I love Lloyd Carr, but this is Michigan, damnit, and we need to start acting like it."
5. "Because we're Michigan, that's why!" (responding to a newbie who wonders aloud why we never throw the ball forward).

6. Never forget to take out your keys and jingle them as loudly as possible on every single third down play to remind the players that this is, in fact, a "key play." This is especially true for third downs in the first quarter, or the third downs in the fourth quarter when we're up by 40 points.

I know.  It's hopeless.  It's over.  I'm sure a good dose of 1L might be a cure.

1L does suck at times, but it hasn't cured the buzz. I'd say I'm still very drunk on the Kool-Aid. It's wonderful here!

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