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The vast majority of applications will be available in August and September.  However, the first step is to commence work on your personal statement draft, and compose a stellar foundation so you can complete the statement, and take advantage of the rolling admissions process.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at, and visit our site for sample essays and more.


Kal, Write Track Admissions

Your statement is a solid start.  You have excellent content, but could work on infusing more compelling language to make a stronger impression on the admissions committee, above all, and be sure that the introduction is nothing short of attention grabbing/pen dropping.  Be sure to follow be wary of these assessments:

First, your statement generally need stronger transitions between ideas, to help the fluidity of the read for the admissions committee.  Your sentences tend to be a bit choppy and disjointed, and therefore, would make for a more active read if your were able to integrate ideas with transition words and phrases.

Second, your statement largely would be significantly enhanced with more active, colorful and animated word choice and writing.  Use a quote, choose more eccentric or colorful words, and do not be afraid to be provocative.  Ultimately, the key with admissions essays is to be original, be remembered weeks after your essays have been reviewed, and most importantly, market yourself as an indispensable student who will enrich the law school community.  Creative and colorful language achieves this.

Third, the statement can benefit from better structuring.  Paragraphs tend to encompass several different ideas, and you also have a penchant for redundancy.  In order to curb this, you can tighten up your ideas and create space with the word quotas for new material. 

Fourth, the style of the statement need further polishing.  The language, in many instances, seems forced and inappropriate, and it seems as if you are forcing eloquent writing when it is perhaps not in order.  I can tell you are a solid writer, but the tenor of the piece does not flow and suffers from poor word choice in many instances.

Please contact me directly at if you require further assistance with your law school statement, and application.

Formal and polished English should comprise the content of your personal statement.  Therefore, contractions are not acceptable, and furthermore, evidence a lack of professionalism.  There are exceptions: for instance, if you are using a quote.  However, veer far from using contractions.

Please contact me directly at, if you have any further questions about the personal statement, or the admissions process at large. 

Mary Beth,

Drafting a strong personal statement, that stands out from the application pool, is key for meritting admission at a top law school.  As a former admissions committee officer at a top five law school, I cannot over-emphasize the importance of having a personal statement that

1.  Vividly and compellingly establishes your uniqueness;

2.  Solidifies your intellectual promise, and experiential insight, to excel as a law student and future lawyer;

3.  Articulates a well-contemplated interest in the law in general, and a specific area of law;

4.  Establishes your diversity, in terms of race or ethnicity, gender, life experiences, worldview, etc.; and,

5.  Confirms a strong interest in a specific school/program - meaning you will have to tailor the draft to each law school you are applying to.

Please email me your law school personal statement to  I would love to give your statement a free general assessment, and help you navigate constructing a stellar application.

To reply to the previous post:

We only work with a number of students - some of whom have been admitted to Yale, Harvard, Berkeley, and Duke, and a few business schools as well.  We do not scour the internet for statements, but have traditionally only worked with students we've known through personal contacts.  Moreover, our career objectives are directed at career services. 

WriteTrack is an alternative to overpriced, informal personal statement sites.  Write Track is composed of two lawyers - graduates of Harvard and UCLA - who offer personalized attention to students in need of either proofreading and stylistic assistance, idea and theme development, and also wholesale statement production.  Whatever your need, our guarantee is accessability, prompt service and attention, and utlimately, a distinct and exceptional personal statement that articulates your message to the admissions boards.  Unlike our competitors, we cap how many students we will are willing to work with, therefore, guaranteeing each and every client our uncompromised attention until the statement is fit for submission.   

Please contact us at, to initiate your admissions into your law school of choice.
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The Write Track - Law School Consulting & Solutions

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