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Yeah, so I wrote that letter over a year ago. I got in to William & Mary Law School this year and will be attending. Maybe they somehow found that letter on the web? Doubt it. Glad people are still enjoying it. I actually almost sent it out last year.

The group on is up!

Not sure what happens next, but it's exciting. Yay.

Word on the street is new Macbooks next week (though, the same rumor was being spread that they'd be released this past Tuesday...sooo.. take that with a grain of NaCl). They'll be out in plenty of time to cop one before Aug 14th, for sure.

Va Beach represent, represent. Yeah, I grew up there.

You know i'll be illmatic with the Socratic :)

Glad to hear somebody else is gonna have a Mac.

Yup, that is indeed a wild albino squirrel and thanks for the shoutie on the web.

Outlet malls in Willy B have been my back-to-school jam since way back in the day. Just wait till you guys hit up Pierce's BBQ a couple miles down the road.

*Nerd alert* Anybody else going to be rockin' a Mac at law skool? I'm waiting for these new rumored 13.3" Macbooks to drop with those dope Intel chips.

I'm skipping out on work after June 30th. Get paid out on vacation days till July 15th and have a solid month to chill out in Va Beach prior to gettin' my learn on.

Is that group up yet on the website? Holla back if so.

Woah. Paul Giamatti is going to be in our class?

I'm late to the thread, but I'll be there in Fall. Looking forward to it. Holla.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: W&M Admitted Students Day
« on: April 06, 2006, 08:15:48 PM »
That new schedule sounds dope. Also, no classes before 10am!? Umm, heck yes!
Any other good news from the weekend? Free passes to Busch Gardens? Classes held at the Festhaus?

So how was it?? Are my new classmates gonna be completely awesometastic? Word.

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