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I'm a Taiwanese. I just want to add my 2 cents about this "intolerant" issue.

The ethnicity diversity of most Asian countries (perhaps excluding singapore) are simply much more homogenous than America. 95% of Taiwanese are Han, for example. Therefore the identification of "Taiwanese" or "chinese" or "japanese" refers not only to an ethnicity or nationality, but also to a typical culture. This is very different from the definition of an "american." Having the DNA of these countries doesn't guarantee you a Taiwanese or Chinese or Japanese if you are not part of the culture.

In that sense geezer is correct of saying that Asian countries are less tolerant to oversea descendents than America. However I think America is more of an (welcomed) extreme in this respect than a standard.

Obviously this is a very personal rankings. Comments from people facing similiar decisions are welcomed. I visited BC and WUSTL and actually sat in one class; visited BU and joined the law school tour group; attended the GW's preview weekend (2 day). Also bear in mind that I am an international student interested in patent or food and drug law. My first choice was and remains GW before and after the school visiting trip.
Campus: WUSTL>BC>>GW>>BU
WUSTL wins hands down. It has an all-around campus and the law school building was stunning. BC's main campus was great, with asthetic churches and sport stadiums. The law school is remote from its main campus, but is also a quiet, serene piece of land. GW is basically blocks of buildings at the center of DC. The "law area" is neatly composed and relaxing. BU was dissapointing. It's surprising how the "cash cow" of the school is restricted in one single tower.

facility: WUSTL>BC>GW>>BU
Facilities in WUSTL are shining new and state-of-the-art. The library was beautiful and a great place to study. I felt like a monk in the middleage sitting at the top of the library. BC has similiar but more historical feelings. Classrooms are modern and new. GW has good facilities, but kind of crowded and noisy when students pour in. I guess it will be hard to find a quiet space when one wants to be alone. BU is even worse. At rush hours, all students at each floor fight for the limited elevators. The library, faculty office and interview rooms of BU were not impressing.

faculty that I met: WUSTL>BC>GW
I did not sit in a class in BU because when I told the 1L students in the elevator which class i will be sitting in, they told me that the professor was the worst teacher among all 1L instructors and not representative of the faculty quality. They said he was not bad, just boring. However, the BU admission office was eagerly advertising that the BU faculty is among the best in the nation. Just for your information.

It was encouraging to discover that all other faculty that I met or talked to in the other 3 schools were smart and enthusiastic of teaching. the differences in this ranking is very small. The black teacher who taought torts in WUSTL were super smart yet patient, always know where he is leading and uses socratic most of the time. The wordy, overacting professor who taught property in BC also did a good job explaining some complicated principles. The constitution class I sat in GW was an easy one, the professor was humorous and interactive. Overall i enjoyed all of the classes that I sat in.

students collegiality: BC>WUSTL=GW>BU
i have no solid data but feelings to support this ranking (not that i have solid data for my other rankings). Students in BC and WUSTL seem to know each other well and always planning some activities together. Students in GW talk happily and couldn't quiet down before class. I take these as signs of friendly atmosphere. BU students seem to socialize mostly in the elevator.

students diversity: BU=GW>WUSTL=BC
No secret here.

Degrees of feeling the inferior complex: BU>BC>WUSTL>GW
Surprisingly, I didn't feel the inferior complex of Gtown on my two days at GW's preview weekend. The director of the event promised on the first day that they wouldn't throw rankings and salary numbers to us during the event. And they kept their promises. Students there seem to be confident enough and weren't worried of Gtown at all.

BU was at the opposite of the spectrum. They talked about the "big boy" across the river, and how good their faculty and journals ranked in some specific surveys. BC was concened of their recent drop in rankings and explained a lot about that. WUSTL talked a lot about "we're not just king in midwest."

To round my experience up and add some more, WUSTL has the best hardware and is growing strong, BC has a nice atmosphere among students and faculty, GW has great curriculum and job oppurtunities, BU (supposedly) has superior faculty and an international flavor.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: waitlisted at Michigan
« on: March 12, 2005, 06:28:51 AM »
Everything happened today, uh?
Got the WL letter today and was happy I wasn't rejected outright.

my nickels worth, I know exactly what you mean.
But I will stay on the list and try for the best.

This is one of the most helpful threads for me on LSD. If no more surprise I probably also need to choose from BC/BU/GWU/Fordham/WUStl(12k/year). And I'm absolutely happy with the situation. But I hope to hear some more inputs about these schools before I make such an important decision.
I take that except Fordham is ranked significantly but slightly lower than the others, all four schools are academically comparable, with strengths in different speciality law (ie. IP, civil litigation...). Therefore the quality of the faculty should be simliar in this group of schools.

What concerns me then is the atmosphere in the class, the competition among students. From infromation I gathered on LSD, seem like BC, BU and GWU have a more collegial atmosphere, whereas Fordham being quite cutthroat? Can anyone talk about the competition? Although the class size of Fordham and GWU are both on the large size (>300).
I would like to work in the private sector, in an international law firm/company that has business in East Asia. I guess Boston/DC/NYC are all good legal markets in that respect. Perhaps DC/NYC are more diversed and more international city compared to Boston?

Does it worth going to WUstl because of its scholarship at the cost of losing the alumni connections of the other four schools at east coast? how important is the network anyway? I mean, isn't a sure $36K a deal very hard to beat?
How are the campuses compared? I know BU is at the center in Boston and has no campus, BC is suburban, WU's campus is spectacular and Fordham offers NYC. I don't know how to position GWU, is the campus something like GULC? Is DC an exciting city? I come from Taipei and I'm not very familiar with the east coast. Which campus gives you enough activities after the finals, but also give you some space when you want to relax?
I've also heard BC and BU have many "elite" students who have rich parents and are good networks to work on. Is this hearsay true?
Which school has a solid business school? I might want to take some classes at B-school or even try a joint degree program after my first year. A recognized B-school nearby also facilitates some healthy ideas, I hope.

Sorry if I hijacked the thread. But I thought adding some personal considerations would be more helpful than generally discussing the rankings.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Illinois vs. WUSTL
« on: March 11, 2005, 07:37:42 AM »
Did I miss something here?
Why is three students with identical 164/3.5 necessarily better than a class consitituted with splitters?

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Who Feels Their UG Major(s) Will Help As A Lawyer
« on: January 16, 2005, 10:26:34 PM »
Zoology....probably not gonna help me much as a lawyer

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Which is harder: the GRE or LSAT?
« on: January 08, 2005, 05:48:55 AM »
I think GRE is harder since its more knowledge-based. For a foreign student the vocabulary section of GRE was a nightmare. I took the GRE in old days, when the score (full score 2400) is split into 800 vocabulary, 800 math and 800 analytical.  Students in my country usually get 800 in math and 700~800 in analytical without much (if any) preparation. But scoring over 400 in vocabulary was extremely difficult and preparing for vocabulary was such a painful experience.

Although LSAT is hard, particularly the analytical section is harder than the one in GRE and the reading comprehension have longer essays, the LSAT is more "natural" to learn and improve. The preparation of LSAT involves less memorizing but more logical reasoning. In a way I actually enjoyed the process of preparing for LSAT.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: GULC Deferral
« on: January 08, 2005, 01:53:27 AM »
Just to put this thread on my unread notice.
I also got deferred in early December.
I'm just hoping the applicants in Jan/Feb are not as competitive as you guys.

I'll post updates of my deferral once I got a decision.

Law School Admissions / Re: Northwestern Status Updated
« on: January 06, 2005, 10:02:45 AM »
As an update, the next day after I checked the NU website myself and learned the decision, I recieved this email from NU:" The Admissions Committee has completed its review of your application for Admissions.  To view your decision, please log-in through our "Check Application Status" webpage ( Your decision letter will not be mailed."

I don't if the fact I logged on the website triggered the email, or if the school suddenly realized they had updated my file. But anyway, maybe some kind of notifications will be sent when the decisions were made.

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