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Law School Admissions / Interview. . . what to expect?
« on: April 14, 2017, 05:27:47 AM »
My questions are:  Is this a good sign?  Does anyone have ideas on what I should expect to be asked[/i] (outside the logical  question "what do you contribute your low score to?")? What is the best way to prepare?

One of the universities called to set up a meeting to discuss my low LSAT score because everything else in my file looked really good.  I took the LSAT in February and (surprisingly) only scored 145 - which was a shock to me as my lowest PT was 150.  I am an older student with a strong GPA (3.61) and 20 years of management/leadership experience. My personal statement was good and I have strong letters of recommendation.

The other university put my application on hold pending the June LSAT stating if I scored 5-6 points higher I would get accepted for this fall.  Of course, I'd rather not take that again if I don't have to and the college wanting to meet with me is actually my #1 choice.

Also, any suggestions on questions to ask them are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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