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Hello my name is Paul, I am taking a Law class at the Univ. of Bridgeport working on an EdD in Education Leadership. We have to come up with a case and do a write up on it. This is within the context of education. I am not a law student, nor do I desire to become one. I just need help with a paper.

Last week the horrible school bus crash in Tennessee happened. I ask if I could use this for a case study. Prof said, 'Yes'

1) What Constitutional Laws apply to this incident?

2) Who might be taking who to court? Under what legal reasons?

3) Who is liable? The driver? The Bus Company? The School district?

4) What cases might I use to support some of the above?

5) Where does seat belt law in school buses fit in?

6) What other issues or topics might I consider?

Thank you anyone for some input. I have a week to write my paper.


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