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General Off-Topic Board / Get fitness from outdoor workouts
« on: October 28, 2016, 12:34:16 AM »
Outdoor fitness training has really taken off in recent years with many fitness instructors running outdoor training sessions for both groups and individuals. Many outdoor fitness sessions are now run by ex-military staff and are very vigorous and tough regimes. They do get results but you have to be prepared to feel some pain and work really hard! If this sounds too intense for you or you would rather work out one on one with a personal trainer then should be able to find trainers who offer many different types of outdoor fitness programs to suit your requirements. Outdoor training can include early morning walk, running, cardio workouts, rugby, football, circuit training and many other methods of keeping fit. In the group of outdoor fitness classes there is likely to be people of all ages and athletic abilities and the instructors will make sure the class has something for everyone. Working as a group can really give you inspiration and help you achieve your goals much quicker than if you work out on your own with no help or guidance.

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