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Hey loki13, thank you so much! You made me feel a lot better. A few people on other forums have been telling me to retake, but I think your answer makes the most sense to me. I feel like I put it all out there when I took it the first time, I had a really good test day and felt like I did my best- raising it a few more points doesn't seem worth the time and energy and stress. Glad to hear someone agrees, so thank you! :)

I just got a 168 on the LSAT (first time). I have a 3.99 GPA from an Ivy League, with a degree in biology. I worked all throughout undergrad and will have 2 years of work experience post-undergrad. I'm a white female.

I scored higher than my average PT but I was hoping to break 170 (even though I only got that on one PT). I self-studied for 6 months, and raised my diagnostic 6 points. I only got 3 wrong on LG, got the most incorrect on LR, so not necessarily a ton of potential for raising my score. I know there is no harm in re-taking, but it would be nice to spend the fall focusing on my application and picking the best school, rather than spending all my free time studying.

I am hoping for T14 with a good amount of money... Stanford would be nice but probably out of reach. I don't need to do Harvard/Yale, etc. I am happy with a mid/low tier T14 as long as the financial package is good. Is it worth it to re-take or are these stats good enough for a T14 school with substantial scholarships?

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