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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: 153 LSAT 3.7 GPA - What do I do now?
« on: October 23, 2015, 11:04:56 AM »
I appreciate the advice so far guys. Thank you so much.
I disagree very strongly with what was just posted. To reiterate, while I normally think retaking the LSAT doesn't help much, if you were consistently scoring higher on your practice exams by seven or more points, you should. This isn't about just getting into a school- this is about financial aid and scholarships.

A 153 won't get you the $ you would get. In addition to increasing your options (which you may, or may not, want), it will decrease your total cost of attendance. Now, this isn't a guarantee. It could just be that your practice exams were all wrong. But we are talking about a decision that could be worth six figures. That's worth the cost of the LSAT and the time.

If I am going to retake it... When should I be looking to do so? December is obviously the next test date but it would leave me with just over 6 weeks to prep. Taking it in February, on the other hand, means I have ample time to prep and ensure I am not thrown off again, but it also means I will be fighting for a smaller pool of spots and for little (if any) money. Which date makes the most sense? Is it possible to apply mid-November once I've finished up all the applications to get my decision in late December or early January, and then reapply with the second LSAT (if necessary) in March? Or is that not possible?

If, theoretically, I do get into DU, since it's outside of T1, is it even worth going? Or am I just digging myself into a hole I can't pay my way back out of? I suppose one more option is to take a gap year and retake the LSAT again next year with even more prep, but if that isn't necessary I'd rather avoid it. That said, if I really messed this up and I don't have time to fix it properly this admission cycle, I'm patient enough and have the resources to ensure I do this the right way. Still, I'm pretty scattered with the news and I really don't know what that "right way" is.

E: Citylaw answered some of these questions in a post while I was tying my response. Many thanks my friend.

Choosing the Right Law School / 153 LSAT 3.7 GPA - What do I do now?
« on: October 22, 2015, 06:54:00 PM »
After getting back my unofficial LSAT score today I'm extremely disappointed to see I got a 153. After 4 months of prep I was testing in the high 150s and low 160s, but I had no idea how to do one of the logic games and that threw me off for half of the section following. That said, what do I do now? Should I retake and get closer to the 160 mark that I was bouncing around for months on end? Or do I just say screw it and apply? Where should I be looking? Obviously T30 are out of the question, but I was originally hoping to practice one day back in my home state of Colorado (Univ of Colorado or Univ of Denver for school). I have a 3.7 cumulative GPA and a 3.83 from my degree granting institution, and based off those numbers, I don't think I'll have a particularly tough time getting into DU, but it's a coin-toss to get into CU. I want to one day practice either criminal law or constitutional law. In my undergraduate studies, I have focused on classes about civil liberties and philosophy of law, so I believe I can write a solid personal statement about my passion for the topic, but I'm not sure what exactly the next step is.

Should I retake with a little over 6 weeks to prep? Or should I just apply and let the chips fall where they may? If I do apply now, other than CU and DU, where should I be looking to submit an application? I suppose I should also note that I do not have URM status. Thanks in advanced for the help

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