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Thanks for the replies.

i VII, that's the way I feel...I'll stick it out regardless. No sense quitting now.

Groundhog, so far, I seem to have a big problem with diagramming the logic games, especially under the 35 minute time limit. Am so-so with the LR, but it's only been a week so far.

I have placed a call into the prep course's office and am waiting for a reply.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks for the reply.
It is an in person prep course, and I spoke to the instructor who basically told me if I don''t start grasping the concepts by next week, I'll end up falling behind in the class.

I do the required homework and drills, as well as watch their online videos, but with spotty (mostly poor) results.

Am even thinking about a private tutor.

Perhaps the instructor although a good instructor, doesn't seem to be a good fit for me. Other instructor's classes are full.

It's the first week and I'm already confused, I don't want the 2nd (and 3rd) to be even more confusing.

Any advice is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

So I started taking a prep course by a well known company. Took my first practice test and got a 131.

Most of the concepts don't seem to compute to me.

Have been studying and when I think I got the right  answer, it turns out wrong.

Have been using their online resources for studying as well as the book they provided.

As of now, 1 week in, Logic games are a total loss to me.

Not looking to get a 160 or a170, just want to get a mark that will make me admissible.

Best to hire a tutor?

Just want to gain the skills that are needed to shoot my score up to the 150ish range.

I have some graduate degrees, so it's not that I'm a stranger to studying and homework.

But it seems that I'm at a loss here.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Hi all,
I plan to take the October 2015 LSAT, when should I apply to law schools?

I am only considering applying to schools in my state and the adjacent state, so my choices are limited. (Must be close to due to family responsibilities)

Would there be any benefit in applying this early for schools that might have an accelerated or a weekend JD program?

Thanks In advance

Thanks to you both for the replies.

I  just want to make sure that whatever choice I make in that one month prior to the beginning. Of the prep course that I spend it wisely preparing.

I've been researching online about the best of the various self study prep books and packets and have been reading mixed reviews about them.  so I don't want to just start prepping with a book or books that will possibly confuse me or work against me.

I plan on taking a prep class for the October LSAT.

The prep class doesn't start until late July , (approx a month from now)

What  and how do you recommend I spend this time studying/preparing?

Newbie here, so please help me out.

Any books or materials to buy/not to buy?

Websites to look into/which ones to avoid?

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,
Going to take the LSAT in October of this year. What is the best and worst test prep companies in the New York City area?

What about private tutors? Anything to look for in a tutor?

Thanks in advance

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