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Hi Doctorlaw!

You’ve asked an interesting question. Put simply, you are correct in pointing out that there are some additional accreditation requirements for foreign trained lawyers who wish to practice in Canada. However, these requirements are not overly burdensome, which is why many Canadians chose to complete their law degrees in other countries.

In order to become accredited, internationally trained lawyers must go through the National Committee on Accreditation’s (NCA) accreditation process. First, they must apply to the NCA to have their credentials and experience assessed. The NCA will then issue them an assessment that details what they must do to obtain a Certificate of Qualification. Typically, they must demonstrate competence in certain key areas by taking challenge exams or law school courses. Once they have completed those steps (It takes about 1 – 2 years to do so), they can apply for their NCA Certificate of Qualification, which in turn will allow them to move to the next step: applying to the Bar admission/ licensing process in the Canadian province or territory of their choice.

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