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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: USD v. UC Hastings v. (Maybe) UCI
« on: April 08, 2015, 12:44:04 PM »
Loki makes great points and in all honesty if your goal is to end up in Socal attend law school in Socal.

If your goal is to be in San Diego attend USD, Cal Western or Thomas Jefferson.

If your goal is to be in L.A. attend Loyola, Southwestern, Chapman, UCI etc.

I am an attorney in San Francisco and from L.A.  I left L.A., because it is not my scene, but it sounds like it is where you want to be and more power to you. Hastings is a solid school, but it is in the heart of the Tenderloin and kind of a crazy place.

I tell any incoming law student to consider the following five factors in this order (1) location; (2) Cost; (3) Personal feelings about the school; (4) understanding the reality of legal education; (5) Last and least U.S. News rankings. This article does a great job summing it up.

Also, in regards to grant money be wary of scholarship conditions and be sure you have a full understanding of what they are.

I also want to second Loki's point regarding the MBA. I know when I was a 0L I thought it sounded cool to get an MBA as well, but I had no real direction on what I would be doing with it. In all honesty I think an MBA is kind of a waste unless as Loki says you have a specific goal in mind, but if your not a math person adding an extra year of school and $10,000's more in educational debt is probably not a good idea and should not be a major factor in what school you choose.
I understand what you're saying about the MBA. After university, I actually started my own company and have a great deal of entrepreneurship experience-thus my interest in the MBA. I will most likely continue looking into that.

However, your mentioning Chapman is also interesting. I received a full scholarship to Chapman and am planning on potentially turning it down because I'm worried about the possibility of it being unranked in the years to follow. However, I have spent the last five years of my life living in downtown Los Angeles and would like to remain there. Is Chapman (in Orange County, a decent commute from DTLA) a better choice to remain in LA after law school than USD?

Choosing the Right Law School / USD v. UC Hastings v. (Maybe) UCI
« on: April 08, 2015, 02:59:29 AM »
Currently, I'm trying to decide which school  is the better choice between Hastings and University of San Diego. Hastings has offered around $20k annually with pretty do-able stipulations. USD offered me $24k per year with a top 50 percent stipulation. However, they are really generous with scholarships for students in the top ten percent. Nonetheless, I'm not going to assume I'll be the unicorn in the top of the class, so I'm taking this all at face value.

Finances are a big deal to me and living in SF for Hastings would be a huge financial strain. Also, the quality of life and more relaxed atmosphere of San Diego appeal to me more than the atmosphere at Hastings.

I am also looking into applying for the MBA program after 1L. Frankly, I'm not a math person and I know my GMAT score won't be stellar enough to get me into Berkeley or Davis' MBA programs to get my JD/MBA at Hastings. At USD I have a decent shot at being able to get a JD/MBA.

Ultimately, I want to practice law in Southern California and (hopefully) someday work as general counsel somewhere in SoCal.

All things considered which is the better option of the two?

I am also still waiting to hear back from UCI. Without any grants from them I probably won't be attending, but if I get a similar deal at UCI then I'll be adding that to my list of options as well. UCI's MBA program is also pretty rigorous, but a UCI JD/MBA may be more feasible than a Hastings/Berkeley JD/MBA.

I realize that's a lot of information to take in, but any input is extremely helpful!

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