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So I've been accepted to both. I always considered CW a possible choice not so much TJ. However, TJ has just offered me a full ride and knowing that I will be graduating from law school with no tuition debt is quite enticing and is making TJ a strong candidate. I will be moving to SD to attend law school these two choices will constitute my decision just not sure if I should go for TJ even with a full ride since Ive heard that its reputation is not so remarkable even in SD. Any thoughts or opinions will be appreciated.   

Ok so I've been accepted to both schools but I am still awaiting acceptances from various other law schools including USD which is my first choice, but just in case I get rejected from the other schools i've applied to and I am stuck with choosing between these two schools which one would be a better choice?

With Whittier I have received a 30,000 scholarship for the first year.
For Cal western I have received a scholarship that will cover 50% of my tuition.

I love the idea of attending law school in SD but I also would not mind attending law school in Orange County.
I've also heard that the legal market is much more smaller in SD than it is in LA, but its also much more exclusive and i've been told by practicing attorneys in LA that its much more harder to land a job in SD if they are going against a candidate who graduated from law school in SD. As of now my gut is telling me to go with Cal Western but im also a little hesitant because Whittier is offering me more money! Any input or suggestions will be highly appreciated, thank you!

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