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I have just completed my 4th year of college and I have one more semester left. I will be applying to law school for the fall of 2015. As I have been gathering more information about applying, I realized that I will have to disclose on my applications that I was on academic probation. I should mention that I started off as a pre-med student and I did not intend on going to law school at the beginning. However, I have realized since then what my interests really are and I want to become an attorney.

My grades were not the best and during the fall semester of my junior year, I ended up being placed on academic probation. At the time, I was taking a very difficult biology class and an organic chemistry lab class. I was also taking an online abnormal psychology class that had a 9 month term, so I did not finish that class until that summer. In the biology and organic lab classes, I got a C- and C and my gpa fell below a 2.00 that semester, resulting in academic probation. However, after that semester I got my *&^% together and I declared a psychology major (which I really love). I got much better grades starting that spring and I ended up getting an A in the abnormal psych class, which did end up bringing my gpa up for that semester.

Because academic records are only reviewed at the end of the semester and I did not finish that abnormal psych class until after that spring semester was over, I still had the academic probation on my record, even though I was doing much better.

I'm just wondering if having something like this will hinder my chances of getting into a law school. Since declaring my major, my grades have improved considerably and I am working on doing well on the LSAT. Overall, I have improved as a student since I started college. Even though I know I will have to submit an explanation for my academic probation, realizing that I have to disclose it is making me worry quite a bit now. Sorry for the ramble-y post.

I thought I should also add that I have a 3.1 gpa. I'm hoping that if I score well enough on the LSAT that it will make up for my gpa.

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