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Thank you to both for your very detailed and thoughtful responses. I do really need to visit each campus and learn more about their individual environments (save for USF, where I attended as an undergrad and worked in the law library for all three years...making me quite familiar with the students and faculty).

Because I have a deep interest in IP law, would it be to my advantage to attend SCU because of their location and program? San Francisco is a high tech hub as well, but it's also not exactly in the heart of Silicon Valley.

After speaking with a few recent law school grads, I've heard that many employers are still unfortunately basing much of their hiring decisions on law school rankings. Can anyone else provide insight to this?

First time posting after being a long time lurker.
I've been accepted into the following schools, in the order listed below, with the following awards:
  • Santa Clara University, $10,000/year
  • University of San Francisco, $27,000/year
  • Golden Gate University, full tuition
  • (UC Hastings, waitlist)

Some background information about myself:
  • Strong interest in IP law
  • I would like to remain in the Bay Area
  • I attended USF for undergrad, graduated a semester early in Dec.
  • 3.23 GPA, 156 LSAT
  • LOTS of soft qualities (i.e., interships, work experience)
  • Applied quite late (March)

I'm not too heavily concerned with rankings, unless it comes down to quality of education, employment prospects, and passing the bar (otherwise I would have jumped for GGU right away). I've heard plenty of mixed reviews about each school from family and friends, and wanted to open the discussion to everyone here...please share your thoughts!  :)

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